Are Old Sticker Albums Worth Anything?

Are Soccer Sticker Albums Valuable?

If you’ve been collecting soccer stickers for a long time, the chances are that your collection is going to grow in value over the years.

However, there’s no guarantee of this. It depends on how much people are willing to pay for them. 

Are Old Sticker Albums Worth Anything?

In fact, many collectors say that they would never sell their collection because they love it too much.

So, even if yours is worth a pretty penny, you should consider how much it means to you and weigh up the pros and cons of parting ways with your collection before selling.

Believe it or not, some soccer sticker albums have sold for thousands of dollars! We won’t get your hopes up too high and tell you that this is a common occurrence, because it isn’t.

However, if you’re an avid collector and you have a few full (and rare sets), you may be on track to make some extra cash. 

The Most Valuable Soccer Sticker Collections

Before you do decide to sell any of your collections, here are some of the most valuable ones:

1) The 1966 FIFA World Cup – This was one of the biggest events in history and has become a symbol of global unity. As such, its value is skyrocketing. You can expect to get anywhere from $100-$500 per piece.

2) The 1970 FIFA World Cup – Another big event that happened during the 70s, this one saw Brazil win the tournament for the first time ever. Its value is also rising steadily, expecting to see prices between $50-$250 per piece.

3) The 1986 FIFA World Cup – This one is another big event that took place during the 80s. Argentina won the cup. This was the year of the infamous “Hand of God” courtesy of one Mr. Diego Maradona. Prices for these stickers range from $20-$150.

4) The 1998 FIFA World Cup – This is another big event that came along in the 90s. This time around, France took the famous gold trophy home. Expect to see prices ranging from $25-$200.

5) The 2002 FIFA World Cup – This event took place in Japan and South Korea. Brazil took this tournament by storm, earning their 5th and latest World Cup title.

Being such a landmark achievement for the South American nation, these stickers are very collectible indeed. They can now be bought for $15-$80 each.

6) The 2006 FIFA World Cup – This edition of the world cup was held in Germany and Spain. And Italy ended up winning the trophy. Prices for these stickers start at $10-$40.

7) The 2010 FIFA World Cup – This year’s edition of the world cup was hosted by South Africa. In this tournament, Spain managed to pry the trophy from Italy’s grasp, winning the final against The Netherlands. Expect to see sticker prices rise above $30.

8) The 2014 FIFA World Cup – This tournament took place in Brazil, but despite this home advantage, the national team didn’t fare too well.

Their star player Neymar was injured and their coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari, was under fire. In the end, it was Germany that took the trophy.

Still, the value of these stickers is expected to remain high. Expect to see prices starting at $35.

9) The UEFA Champions League – This competition takes place every season and features some of the best clubs in Europe. And so far, Barcelona has dominated the competition.

Depending on the tournament year, you can expect to see prices around $60.

10) The UEFA Europa League – This competition is similar to the Champions League, except that it only features teams from European countries.

And so far, Liverpool has dominated the competition. Prices for these stickers have increased significantly over time, with some even reaching the $70 mark.

Are Panini Sticker Albums Worth Anything?

If you have a panini soccer sticker album lying around, we have some news for you… Some of these albums have sold for some truly STAGGERING sums of money (yes, really).

So let’s take a look at some of the most valuable ones below.

1) The 1974 FIFA World Cup – This sticker album featured all 32 teams that competed in the tournament. It was released in 1976 and retailed for $125. Nowadays, you can get your hands on an official copy for about $300.

2) The 1982 FIFA World Cup – This album featured all 32 teams in action. And while it wasn’t as successful as the last one, it still managed to sell for over $100. These days, you can buy one for about $150.

3) The 1986 FIFA World Cup – This one isn’t quite as popular as the previous two, but it’s still pretty famous. It featured all 32 teams competing in the tournament.

It also included the hosts, Mexico. Released in 1987, this album retailed for $50 back then. Today, you can pick one up for about $120.

4) The 1990 FIFA World Cup – This was the first time that the world cup was split into separate events. In 1990, 16 teams participated while another 16 teams joined them four years later.

This sticker album came out in 1992 and retailed for $45. Nowadays, you’ll pay anywhere between $65-85 for one.

5) The 1994 FIFA World Cup – This is considered to be the greatest football tournament ever held. Held in the United States, it featured 24 teams.

This album was released in 1996 and retailed for $40. If you’re lucky enough to find one now, you’ll pay between $55-75 for it.

Final Thoughts 

Soccer sticker album collections have seen a resurgence in recent years. As the trend continues to grow in popularity again, more and more people will start collecting them.

So if you’ve got any lying around, don’t throw them away! They could end up being worth a lot of money someday.

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