Do They Make NASCAR Cards?

Sport is one of the world’s favorite hobbies, with billions of fans all over the globe.

Whether it’s soccer or tennis, basketball or racing, there are millions of fans for every kind of sport.

Do They Make NASCAR Cards?

Many of these fans go one step further in their interest. Collecting various bits of memorabilia to do with their favorite hobby.

One of these is sports trading cards, collectible cards with famous sports stars on them that are sold and traded among fans.

But do they make sports cards for NASCAR?

Well, we’ve got all the answers for you!

Below, you’ll find out all about NASCAR sports trading cards. From their history to their prices, as well as some of the most famous cards.

Read on, and start collecting yourself!

What Is A Sports Card?

To begin with, let’s have a brief look at just what exactly sports trading cards are.

Trading cards are collectible cards that people trade and collect. Often with their interests and hobbies displayed on them in some form.

Sports trading cards are the cards that have sports stars and athletes on them, and are traded among sports enthusiasts. 

Sports cards usually focus on the sports stars themselves.

They almost always have a picture of the sports player on the front. Sometimes with a trophy in their hands, or maybe even snapped in a mid-action pose during a game.

Their name is displayed next to them, while the back of the card has information and statistics about them.

Details like height and weight are sometimes included, alongside a paragraph of their history and successes.

Sometimes, a table of years and wins is included as well. 


Next, what is NASCAR?

You probably know, but if you don’t, it stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

It’s one of the most popular types of car racing that happens in America, and usually takes place with lots of stock cars driving around an oval track.

Founded in 1948, some races can be as long as 600 miles in their length (966 km), and the sport’s many fans sit and watch all of it from the stadium seating.

Do They Make NASCAR Cards?

Well, you must be wondering by now if NASCAR is one of the many sports that they make sports cards of…it is!

NASCAR cards have been manufactured for at least 50 years, and have covered loads and loads of different racers from all kinds of teams. 

There was a brief point where they weren’t being made. Around 2014 when their maker Press Pass went out of business.

Press Pass were an important part of sports card history, and were the first company to insert parts of a race-used tire into some of their cards – which naturally led to them being rarer and more valuable! 

Thankfully, in 2016 Panini (a famous maker of sports stickers and cards) agreed to produce NASCAR-licensed cards.

Since then, they’ve been going strong. 

That being said, there are plenty of NASCAR cards out there from before Panini started making them – and these are the bulk of what are bought and traded by eager NASCAR fans. 

The Oldest NASCAR Cards

The Oldest NASCAR Cards

As we’ve said, NASCAR sports trading cards were first made at least five decades ago. 

An example of one of the oldest cards would be the 1972 STP card of driver Buddy Baker.

STP is a motor oil company who sponsored Buddy Baker. And you can see their logo on the racing suit that he’s wearing in the picture on the front of the card. 

Surprisingly, the front doesn’t actually feature his name, besides the name tag that eagle eyed fans will spot on his suit.

On the back, however, his name is mentioned, along with a large paragraph about his racing career at NASCAR.

Given its age, the card is quite rare and expensive.

If you want to get yourself one, you can probably get a very good condition one for around $374.99.

Another example from the same period, would be the 1972 STP card for driver Charlie Glotzbach.

The design is the same, with a large picture of him on front, and a big paragraph of information on the back.

This card will cost you slightly less, with you probably being able to snap one up for around $275.

The Most Valuable NASCAR Cards

Many of the most valuable and expensive NASCAR cards feature the most legendary racers from the sport and its history.

Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Cards

A handful of these feature Dale Earnhardt. He was one of the most famous and successful NASCAR racers, with a 26 year career.

He is the only driver in their history to have had at least one win in 4 different decades, which were all consecutive too!

As a result, his cards are highly desired by trading card fans. 

This isn’t to say that all his cards are expensive. Some will cost you just a few dollars. But there are also a good amount that are extremely valuable – and costly.

To go up to the absolute highest end of the spectrum, a MAXX Charlotte Dale Earnhardt POP 1/1 Psa9 Rookie Auto RC DNA card that was autographed has once been priced at – get ready – $75,000.

That’s an awful lot of money for a sports card, but it shows how valuable some NASCAR ones can be!

On a slightly cheaper side, there are many Earnhardt cards that will cost a few hundred dollars.

For example, the 1998 Press Pass Triple Gear card of him is often priced at around $449.99.

Another premium card would be the 2007 Press Pass Legends card of Earnhardt that’s part of their “Memorable Moments” series.

These can often go for around $343.58. 

Richard Petty Nascar Trading Cards

Richard Petty is another popular NASCAR driver who’s had many sports cards made about him.

These can sell for hundreds of dollars too!

For example, the 1992 Maxx 5th Anniversary #43 card of Petty can often be priced at around $145.85. 

Surprisingly, new cards of Petty are very valuable too!

You know how we mentioned that Panini got the NASCAR license back in 2016?

Well, some of their cards since have become very expensive, which is impressive given they don’t have the addition of age on their side.

An encased copy of the 2018 Panini Certified – Epix – Black #E9 card of Richard Petty can go for $256.70.

Meanwhile, the 2018 Panini Prizm – Fireworks – Black Prizm #F-2 card featuring Petty can be priced at an impressive $381.07.

Final Thoughts

There are thousands upon thousands of different types of sports cards, and NASCAR is no different.

NASCAR sports trading cards have been in production for at least 50 years, and there have been many different varieties over that time – all with different drivers from the sport’s history.

They range in value, with anything from a few dollars to a few THOUSAND dollars!

NASCAR is clearly a highly popular range of sports trading cards, and you now know all about its history. 

Bruno Breen

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