Ron Robinson Baseball Cards

Ron Robinson was a talented baseball player who spent several years in the Major Leagues with the Cincinnati Reds and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Known for his strong pitching skills, Ron had a stellar career on the field, earning numerous accolades and awards throughout his time in the league.

One of Ron’s most popular baseball cards is the 1989 Topps card. Featuring a classic photo of Ron in his Cincinnati Reds uniform, this card , like all of Ron’s, is highly affordable for collectors and fans alike.

Ron Robinson 1989 Topps

Ron’s signature pitching style and winning attitude made him a fan favorite during his time in the league, and his dedication to the game can still be seen today through his many collectible baseball cards.

If you’re a Ron Robinson fan or collector, be sure to check out our checklist at the bottom of this post. It lists all the cards available.

My son has recently started a Ron Robinson collection, a few photos of his cards are contained within this post.

Ron Robinson Facts

Ron Robinson was born on March 24, 1962, in Woodlake, California. He graduated from Woodlake High School in 1980 and was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds that same year with their first-round pick (19th overall). Ron made his Major League Baseball debut on August 14, 1984 and played all or part of nine seasons with the Reds (1984-90) and the Milwaukee Brewers (1990-92). Robinson was forced to retire from the game in 1992 following a problematic elbow injury he picked up the year before. He Pitched in just 8 games for the Brewers in 92 before he made the decision to hang up his cap.

Ron is married to his high school sweetheart Becky. They have three children together: Ronnie, Ryan and Megan. Ron currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

How much is a Ron Robinson Baseball Card Worth

Ron Robinson Baseball Cards offer great value for money. They are very affordable and well within the financial reach of all collectors. They are also enjoyable to collect and highly likely to hold their value well over time. Who knows, they could even increase in price if you care for them properly.

Whether you’re looking to grow your own collection or start one, Ron Robinson Baseball Cards are a great option.

So, how much is a Ron Robinson Baseball Card worth? Well, that depends on several factors, including the condition of the card, the year it was produced, and any unique features or markings it may have.

Generally speaking, however, you can expect to pay between 50 cents and up to about $50 for a Ron Robinson Baseball Card in mint condition.

Ron Robinson Topps Card #739
Topps Stadium Club #739. Ron’s final card

Of course, if you’re just starting out, you may not have the budget to invest in cards that are already in pristine condition. Luckily, Ron Robinson Baseball Cards are also available in less than perfect condition for a fraction of the price.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, Ron Robinson Baseball Cards are the good choice for anyone looking to build their collection at an affordable price.

Where to buy Ron Robinson baseball cards

There are many places to buy baseball cards. You can purchase them at your local card store, online, or at a card show.

One of the best place to find a large selection of cards is online. Particularly eBay and Etsy.

So why wait? Head on over to your local dealer or start looking online today!

Ron Robinson Topps #313
Ron Robinson Topps #313


Collecting baseball cards is a wonderful hobby that allows you to connect with the game in a very personal way. Whether you are following your favorite team or just discovering the sport, holding an actual card in your hands gives you a sense of excitement and pride that is truly hard to match.

By immersing yourself in the rich history and traditions of the game, you get to experience all of the triumphs and heartbreaks that come along with rooting for your team. And even though there are many other hobbies to choose from, nothing quite compares to the satisfaction that comes from building a collection of baseball cards – especially when you get to show off your hard-earned collection to family and friends.

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Ron Robinson UpperDeck #620
Upper deck #620

Ron Robinson Baseball Card Checklist

1985    Donruss #649

1986    Donruss #121

1986    Topps #442

1987    Topps #119

1987    Topps Tiffany #119

1987    Fleer Glossy #212

1987    Fleer #212

1987    Donruss #310

1987    Fleer Baseball’s Game Winners #38

1987    Fleer Mini #93

1988    Donruss #166

1988    Fleer Glossy #247

1988    Fleer #247

1988    Donruss Baseball’s Best #308

1988    Score #476

1988    Score Glossy #476

1988    Topps #517

1988    Topps Tiffany #517

1988    Topps #81 (Reds Leaders)

1988    Topps Tiffany #81 (Reds Leaders)

1989    Topps Big Series 2 #132

1989    Topps #16

1989    Topps Tiffany #16

1989    Fleer #169

1989    Upper Deck #187

1989    Bowman #303

1989    Bowman Tiffany #303

1989    Donruss #308

1989    Score #559

1990    Topps Traded #104T

1990    Topps Traded Tiffany #104T

1990    Fleer #431

1990    Fleer “Printed in Canada” #431

1990    Score #495

1990    Donruss #553

1990    Topps #604

1990    O-Pee-Chee #604

1990    Topps Tiffany #604

1991    Topps #313

1991    Bowman #39

1991    Score #517

1991    Upper Deck #620

1991    Studio #75

1992    Upper Deck #198

1992    Topps Stadium Club #739

Ron Robinson Baseball Card assortment
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