What Stores Sell Panini Premier League Stickers?

The English Premier League is one of the most celebrated soccer divisions, not just in Europe, but the entire world, so it stands to reason that Panini’s Premier League stickers would be particularly popular.

But if you’re interested in joining in on the sports sticker action, where can you expect to find them? Are there brick and mortar stores that sell them in the States, or will you have to source them online? Let’s find out!

What Shops Sell Panini Premier League Stickers

Who Are Panini? 

Panini is the official sticker and trading card licensee of the Premier League.

This includes all physical and digital formats so if you’re buying these cards, especially on resell websites like eBay or the Facebook Marketplace, you’re going to want to make sure that they are Panini. Panini is also licensed by the Premier League to produce official loyalty and premium collectibles. 

Panini has a presence in over 120 countries worldwide and launches over 400 quality collections annually, covering all major sports. 

What Are Premier League Stickers? 

Premier League Stickers are a collectible item for any avid sports fan. You can purchase a book to collect them all in, and then separately, the stickers are sold in ‘lucky dip’ style packs. Your goal is to find all the different varieties of stickers to complete your collection.  

The brand new stand-alone collection for 2022 features new categories such as Pass Masters, Flying Full-backs, Super Stoppers, and Magic Men.

There are 240 base stickers to collect, as well as 129 special stickers, and 9 limited edition cards. Of course, some stickers are rarer than others and can become quite a quest to find! 

So, whether you’re trying to get your hands on one evading base sticker that you just can’t find, or are on the hunt for one of the elusive limited edition stickers, I’ve got you covered.

While I, unfortunately, cannot tell you exactly where the specific sticker you’re looking for is, I can help you with finding which stores sell these stickers, to help you in your search.

Online Stores 

A great place to start looking for these cards is online, and what’s even better is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. This is a great option for those who might find it difficult to get out to physical stores. 


The official Panini store is a great place to start. Here you’ll find a wide variety of options to find exactly what you are looking for.

This is the best place to come if you’re wanting to purchase something specific as it sells the widest range of products. On this website you can buy albums, sticker and card packs, missing albums, as well as complete collections. 


Amazon is a very versatile website which is why it is so immensely popular. You can see here that it also has a great range of size packs for the Premier League cards and stickers.

A great bonus I noticed from Amazon is that it sells much more recent versions of stickers/cards for if you’re already up-to-date on previous collections. You can also purchase bulk amounts of stickers on Amazon which can save you some money if you’re planning on getting through quite a few packs.

They do all tend to be the ‘lucky dip’ type packs though, so you don’t have the option of missing packs like you do on the official site. 


I would recommend purchasing from Solve Collectibles if you are interested in buying one particular card. Have most of the collection by now, and are getting sick and tired of the bulk of duplicates piling up?

Solve collectibles will solve all your problems. It has over 12 pages of options for single stickers for a really cheap price which makes it really easy to finally complete your set! 

Physical Stores

You can find Premier League in local physical stores as well as online. This can be advantageous as you don’t have to wait for them to be delivered and can rip open that pack as soon as it’s been purchased.

However, the drawback of shopping in store can sometimes be that you are subject to availability. It could always be worth checking the store’s online website first just to check that it’s in stock. 


If you’re looking for Premier League stickers you need look no further than your local Walmart. Walmart sells a variety of Panini stickers, including but not limited to Premier League stickers.

You can purchase packs of stickers as well as collection albums. To check if your Walmart has Premier League stickers click here.


Target is another easily accessible department store that sells Premier League trading cards. Although it is worth noting that they are not always permanently stocked in this store and so it is always worth checking online to see what they are currently stocking and whether it is suitable to your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Premier League Sticker Album?

Yes! The all-new Premier League album comes in a shiny foil cover and includes foil sticker packets. 

Are Football Stickers Valuable? 

They can be. It will all really depend on the collection you have, how many collections you have, or how rare the collection is. 


If you are a collector of Premier League stickers, it really never has been easier to purchase your stickers. Whether you want to collect the small packs and open them now and again, want to purchase bulk boxes and devour pack after pack, or just want to buy one specific card to finally complete your collection, the option is there. 

There are options to shop in store if you’re looking to purchase straight away – because let’s face it, sometimes you just can’t wait. There are also options to shop online if you can’t quite make it out to the shops. 

You’ll also find a wider range of options if you shop online, and there are cheaper options to buy in bulk if you’re looking for quite a few packs rather than just one or two. But of course, these take time to deliver, so you’ll have to decide if they’re worth the wait. 

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