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Trading and collecting sports cards is often considered a childhood activity. Some adults will give you strange looks when you tell them that you’re a proud sports trading card collector. That’s what I am, anyway – I’m Bruno Breen and I have well over 5000 cards and counting!

With card collecting being something of an unusual hobby, many people don’t talk about it in detail. This means that there aren’t all that many useful articles about it online.

When I was just starting out with my card collection, I had lots of questions about authenticity, trading, and card condition. But with not that much information available, I sometimes struggled to find answers to my queries. A few questions still haven’t been answered to this day.

Luckily, a lot of my questions were answered. Usually by helpful card collectors who had been in the game for much longer than me. I became more knowledgeable in the world of collecting cards and found myself learning far more with their help and through the trial and error of getting stuck in.

I am now passing the torch on by hopefully helping you, like those experienced card collectors helped me. But, instead of giving advice to only one person, I am expanding my audience and using Sports World Cards to teach anyone who wants to learn.

I hope that you can use Sports World Cards to your advantage and that it helps to increase your knowledge of collecting cards. Please have a look at our latest posts. 

We update the site regularly so please keep stopping by to check for new articles.

Meet The SportsWorldCards Team

Nate Heath

Nate Heath, Sports World Cards Author - About Us

I’ve been a collector since childhood and have always been drawn to these little pieces of cardboard. 

Apart from being such an interesting hobby that can take you in so many directions. It keeps you in touch with your younger self. I still feel the same level of excitement when adding a new card to the collection.

I’m still learning, and I always will be. I hope you find my posts helpful.

Rob Miller

Rob Miller - Sports World Cards Author- About Us

Rob Miller has been an avid card collector for the last 15 years.

 He’s a hobby writer and collector who helps us out at SportsWorldCards by sharing his many years of experience. 

Rob has a large card collection and has bought and sold quite a few over the years. Along the way he’s netted a healthy profit that gets reinvested back into his collecting budget (with a bit held back for beer of course!).