Are Baseball Cards A Good Investment?

Back in the years of the school yard, we all loved collecting baseball cards and trying to have the best collection out of all our friends!

The thing is, when we were younger, the point of these cards was simply for some fun and games.

Are Baseball Cards A Good Investment

You never took it to a point of seriousness where we planned to keep these things for years to come and earn a payday from them – but could that happen?

Like a lot of fads such as Lego or Pokémon cards, the vintage prospects of a collectors item can now be a great investment opportunity, but is it worth it?

In this guide, we’re going to look at whether baseball cards are a good investment and how much you can expect it to make. So, sit down and get comfortable – let’s examine the case.

What Are Baseball Cards?

Baseball cards are a kind of trading card that has a player on them.

The idea is to have some of the best players for the best collection and in later years, legendary players like Babe Ruth were, and are still, massively sought after.

Are They Worth Much?

Of course, the original price of baseball cards were dependent on the product they were found in – like a pack of chewing gum for example.

Similar to how people used to create cigarette card collections, the price was based on the price of the cigarettes – but this is no longer the case.

It’s important that we start by saying that it isn’t every card that has a huge market value.

Specific cards and collections are where the money is – in some cases you can double and triple your return on the card or collection, if you know what you’re doing!

Just by this fact, if you’ve got some old baseball cards in the garage or in the attic, it’s a great idea to go and get them out and dust them off.

It might seem like an outdated hobby, but collecting these cards once again can bring about large dividends.

For all you know, you might have thousands of dollars a few feet away from you right now!

So, Should I Invest In Baseball Cards Now?

You might be new to the world of investing overall, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We all need to start somewhere.

Of course, understanding baseball and investing will put you in the perfect position, but if not – don’t panic. It’s still a great idea to get involved by investing in baseball cards.

Before you start though, it’s wise to look at the basics of the world. Here are the main reasons you should start investing in baseball cards:

Growth In The Market

Baseball card value has skyrocketed, as have other things as we mentioned – including Lego and Pokémon cards.

The reason for this market value increase can be understood through a few factors.

There are now systems that allow us to grade the cards in worth, and this wasn’t the case for decades.

Using these systems, we can understand if the card itself is genuine and how authentic it is.

Additionally, because of how easy it is to sell or purchase these cards, the popularity boomed.

There are so many online resources like auction sites or marketplaces that give you the opportunity to buy some of your favorite items.

When there is a rise in popularity of something, there will invariably be a rise in profitability.

What this leads to is a growth in the market, and that’s when it’s time to double down on your earning potential.

Another great reason for this is the mix of nostalgia, which people are often keen to revisit, and the fact that the cards are in limited numbers.

When something is deemed rare, it is more difficult to obtain and therefore the price it sells for can increase.

Similar to gold selling – it is a physical item that is in limited supply, whereas cash can be printed and lose its value.

It’s Still A Hobby

At its very core, we forget that collecting baseball cards used to be a hobby, and it continues to be a hobby to this day.

If more people are getting involved in this hobby, you’ll resultantly have a buyer for a card or collection.

We Love A Gamble

The same reason that people do the lottery, place bets or enter competitions – sometimes we have fun in letting our money make us more money, it’s easy to do, and we all want to have that massive pay day.

Due to this, someone might purchase a baseball card that they believe in many years can be worth something crazy if they sell it in a decade or so.

Are We Expecting A Rise In Baseball Card Value?

The interesting thing about collections and value of these old fads is that they are now operating in a similar format to stock trading.

The way in which we make money from stock trading is by understanding and keeping an eye on the market, making strategic purchasing and selling decisions at the right time.

This supply and demand theory is exactly how baseball card sales operate.

The biggest factor on the value of any baseball card is going to be how difficult it is to get a hold of, remember we mentioned rare products having a higher value?

In particular, older cards (very old cards!) are going to be more difficult to find because most have been lost or destroyed beyond repair.

If you find one in good condition, it can be worth a lot of money due to the limited number still left in existence.

As time progresses, the cards we used to consider as modern will become older and this process will continue.

So, to conclude – you can expect the value of baseball cards to increase, and it’s a good idea to start collecting or recollecting now.

The Bottom Line

Baseball cards are indeed a good investment, and if you got some already – get them out and check their value right away!

If anything, it’s always fun to get involved in hobbies like this, but you can expect a nice pay day if you are lucky enough to build a great collection or get a vintage or very sought after baseball card.

Good luck!

Bruno Breen