What To Do With Old Baseball Cards

What do you do with old baseball cards? I mean, some are pretty much worthless now, right?

In my childhood days, I remember collecting baseball cards from my favorite players.

Nowadays, however, a lot of these cards are worth very little. If you want to sell them, you might get around $10 for each card.

So why would anyone bother keeping them? Well, some collectors even put their collection together into albums.

What To Do With Old Baseball Cards

They also collect autographs or memorabilia items.

So what should you do with your old baseball cards? You can either keep it in a box somewhere or throw it away.

But if you want to be sure that the memories of those great moments will never fade, you should make an album out of them.

Today we’re going to be looking at a number of things you can do with your old baseball cards.

Throw Them Out

Some people will find the appeal of this option, while others will be screaming at their screens in horror.

But the cold harsh reality is that if you don’t care about your cards, and they’re not worth anything, then you can just throw them away.

Only do this, though, if you don’t care if they make a comeback in popularity within a few years.

Otherwise you might never forgive yourself for throwing away cards that would eventually be worth some money.

Which leads us onto our next point…

Store Them Away

If you don’t want old boxes of cards cluttering up your space but equally don’t want to part with them in case they end up being valuable in the future, you can store them away carefully until this time eventually comes.

There are a number of ways to do this, but my favorite way is to use a top loader to fit the card inside so that it doesn’t become damaged.

Top loaders are made from rigid plastic to protect cards from bending, dust, or water.

Store each card in its own top loader and place them in a durable box that isn’t going to become damaged.

This box will serve as another layer of protection until it’s time to get them out and sell them.

Create An Album

You can purchase collector storage for cards. These are basically poly plastic sheets with card-shaped inserts.

For an A4 storage sheet you can fit 12 cards on each side. These sheets are excellent for people who own a lot of cards and enjoy looking through them.

Get a binder that takes poly plastic sheets and fill it up with all of your favorite cards!

The plastic will protect the cards from damage so that you can enjoy them for many years to come.

If you’re looking to get rid of your cards but don’t think they’re worth anything, I think that you have nothing to lose by advertising them anyway.

After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

There might be someone willing to purchase your cards for more than you think they’re worth.

There are collectors out there who collect cards that are worth almost nothing anyway!

Even if you advertise them and you get a low offer, it might be worth accepting if you were planning on throwing the cards out anyway.

Better to make a couple of bucks on them instead of throwing them straight in the trash.

If you’re feeling generous and want to do something good, call your local children’s hospital or boys and girls club.

Donate them to children who won’t care about how old they are or what they’re worth. Instead, they’ll care about playing and having fun with their friends.

You could also donate them to a summer camp, or anywhere accepting toys for children.

Just don’t take them all to one place if you have a super big collection though, as some organizations might not want to deal with large quantities of cards.

Another option is to donate them to a charity auction. Again, another man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

So, donate them and see what happens. They might only go for $5, but at least you got them out of your house and you helped a charity in need.

Ask Around

Nowadays, you never know who around you is an avid card collector. It is not something that is commonly brought up in conversation.

So, ask around your friends, family, and neighbors to see if anyone would be interested in your cards.

While you might not know any card collectors, they might have another use for your cards that would get them out of your house.

So, it’s always worth asking people if they can reuse or repurpose them if you’re going to throw them out anyway.

Use Them For Art

If you’re an artsy person, you might want to repurpose your cards into some kind of art project. Think mosaics, scrapbooking, multimedia pieces, paper mache, all sorts!

If art isn’t your thing, then this suggestion is probably not for you. But do you know anyone who is arty? Perhaps some kids in your family have art class that could use your cards.

Save Them For Halloween

As long as you don’t want them out of your house right this moment, a great idea is to save the cards and give them out to trick or treaters on Halloween.

This is a great alternative to candy!

Either give them one card each, or tie 10 cards together with a piece of string and give them out as little bundles.


As you can see, there are many things to do with your old baseball cards! My personal favorite is saving them for

Halloween or using them in art projects.

If you absolutely do not want the cards in your house anymore, then you can always throw them away and be done with them.

However, there are plenty of options for you if you would prefer to save the cards or allow others to have fun with them.

Nate Heath