Are Topps Bunt Cards NFTs?

With the Major Baseball League having 30 teams, over 900 players, and US’s second most loved sport, it will be no surprise that the collectibles and memorabilia can not only cost a pretty penny but, over time, soar in price, popularity, and demand.

Are Topps Bunt cards NFTs

Today we will be focusing on Topps Bunt MLB cards, What they are exactly, and the most crucial question that brought you here, Are they classed as a nonfungible token?

Facts and history of Topps Bunt Cards

Topps (formerly Upper Deck) is the officially licensed MLB player trading cards provider, and their products are a staple of collectibles hobbyists.

In 1951 Topps began to produce their first collection of baseball cards in two forms, currently known as “Redbacks” and “Blue backs.”

Each deck of cards contains 52 cards like a traditional deck of playing cards, But instead of using the typical suit of cards, they were printed with individual baseball players. This grew increasingly popular throughout the United States and continues to do so today.

Skipping forward to 2012 and a new era, Topps re-establish themselves with a new digital concept for traditional card collections and trading of these cards.

This is where Topps Bunts MLB was created, making a new digital base for card collectors and MLB fans.

With various features brought along with the new idea of digitizing the card collectibles, it’s not surprising that these have become extremely popular due to the evolution of technology & internet since 1951, when the initial idea began.

Digitalising the cards not only solves the classic inconvenience of damaging your cards or safely storing your original collectibles But also regularly updates the back of most of the player’s cards.

This was a considerable change to the card collectors as regular player stat updates would be applied to the back of the card as the players’ stats increased in real life.

Are They NFTs?

It is a common misconception about Topps Bunts and if they are NFTs. With Topps being digital art and collectibles, it’s easy to get this wrong But fear not, as I will walk you through the differences and the facts you need to know.

A non-fungible token or also widely known as NFT. These mysterious and intriguing pieces of art are not only just visual art. NFT is technically a currency, and let me explain how.

For peace of art to become an asset or non-fungible, The artwork in question must be encrypted with a cryptocurrency by digitizing the currency into the art itself. This is then stored on a blockchain. An NFT also must be non-divisible, and let me simplify this.

What is the difference between fungible and non fungible?

A 10-dollar bill is a fungible token Because the $10 bill can be divided into 10 x $1 bills or x2 $5 bills. A non-fungible ticket, in this case, the digital artwork we have discussed,

The asset cannot be duplicated, divided, or have more than one owner at a time for classing it as a non-fungible.

The confusion in the question of are NFTs is mainly due to the fact that Topps has digital collections online that have been online since their release in 2012 and that has been very popular amongst MLB fans all over the country.

Skipping forward to 2021 in August, Topps announced that a newer digital collection would be released and that just over 1900 unique official Topps MLB NFTs would be encrypted, minted, and released. 

With the digital era forever changing and never failing to surprise with the new revolutionary ideas, currencies and all sorts of other exciting things, many artists worldwide and others alike have adopted the new concept of NFTs, and it’s no surprise that one of the most iconic brands in collectible items and cards come along too.

In 2021 the Topps NFTs were released to the public and it’s no surprise that they became trendy almost immediately after being announced for release. The NFTs were and still remain available on the Wax blockchain network.

So as you can see, it would be very easy to get Topps NFTs confused with Topps Bunts as they are the same brand, but 2 totally different ideas.

Questions & Answers

Are Topps Bunts Mlb Cards Nfts?   

No. Topps Bunts MLB cards are similar to the original Topps cards, But just digital form and are used for playing the game as intended.

Whats The Difference Between Mlb Cards and NFTs?

NFTs are digital assets encrypted with cryptic information and stored on a blockchain, MLB cards are collectible digital playing cards.

Where Can I Buy Mlb NFts?

From the official website link provided here. Click Here.

Who Can Buy NFTs?

Anyone who wishes to purchase a NFT can do so providing the registration for the marketplace is completed & veryfied.

How Will I Know if The NFT Is Real?

NFTs can not be duplicated, forged or cloned, Always purchase from a trusted and official source.

Who Can Sell NFTs?

Just like buying a NFT the same process is required to sell one, registration and verification of account on the marketplace.


So that brings us to the end of our quick guide through Topps Bunts & NFTs. As you can see it would be very easy to get confused over the fact that there are two different types of Topps.

But the answer to our question of are Topps Bunts are NFTs? No. But Topps NFTs are available.

With Topps being one of the most successful card-game kings from as far back as we members, we can only imagine where this venture into the digital era and the collectible game as we know it may change?

With Topps adding new sports, cards, collectibles, and NFTs regularly, it is a fascinating thought of what’s to come.

Nate Heath

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