Gary Sheffield Baseball Cards

Below are the top 8 Gary Sheffield baseball cards that all collectors should be on the lookout for to add to their collection and some extra memorabilia items. 

Gary Sheffield was one of the best offensive right fielders in baseball from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s, starring for several different teams over an impressive 22-season career.

Gary Sheffield Baseball Card Collage

Sheffield ended his career as an MLB All-Star 9 times. He won 5 Silver Slugger awards, finished in the top 5 of MVP voting 3 times. He also led the American League in batting average during the 1992 season with an impressive .330 average.

As the sports card market continues its incredible resurgence, vintage baseball cards are proving to be a huge draw for collectors.

8. 1989 Donruss Gary Sheffield Rookie Baseball Card #31

Approximate PSA 10 Value – $45

Approximate PSA 9 Value – $8

1989 Donruss Rookie Card #31 Gary Sheffield Baseball card

One of the most popular Gary Sheffield rookie cards. The 1989 Donruss #31 card employs a very colorful frontal design for its day. Featuring a black border on the sides of the card and a purple-violet border on the top and bottom.

The card’s front showcases a picture of Sheffield in the aftermath of a swing. Donning the home white pinstripe jersey of the Milwaukee Brewers.

The top left/center contains Sheffield’s name in white font. While the top right of the card contains the words “Rated Rookie” in blue font. The bottom left of the card contains the phrase “Donruss 89” in red and black font.

1989 Donruss Rookie Card #31 Back of card

The rear of the card contains a yellow background with a white insert listing Sheffield’s stats from his limited big-league appearance in 1988. As well as a brief career retrospective highlighting some of his minor league accomplishments. 

7. 1989 Topps Rookie Card #343

Approximate PSA 10 Value – $45

Approximate PSA 9 Value – $11

Gary Sheffield 1989 Topps Rookie baseball Card #343

The base version of the #343 Topps Gary Sheffield rookie card is an affordable, accessible, and overall solid addition to any collection.

The front of the card features a close-up shot of Sheffield’s face and upper shoulders. Revealing an expensive chain around his neck and braces. A hilarious combination for a professional baseball player.

The card’s front contains a white border with “Future Star” written in blue and white 3-D font across the card’s top. With Sheffield’s name and the Brewers team name listed on the bottom right/center.

The classic Topps logo is listed in black along the bottom left of the card’s front.

1989 Topps Rookie Card #343 back of card

The rear of the card has a black border and red background and lists all of Sheffield’s stats for his professional career up to that point. 

6. 1989 Fleer Glossy Rookie Card #196

Approximate PSA 10 Value – $175

Approximate PSA 9 Value – $25

1989 Fleer Glossy gary Sheffiield Rookie baseball Card #196

The 1989 Fleer Glossy set marked the 3rd time in the decade that the company issued its glossy set in addition to its normal set of cards.

The front of the #196 Fleer Glossy Gary Sheffield rookie baseball card displays a shinier finish, as its name implies. It pictures Sheffield on the front holding the bat on his right shoulder. The front features a gray border, interspersed with white vertical lines on the top and bottom borders. It lists Sheffield’s name on the top left, the Milwaukee Brewers logo on the top right, and the Fleer name on the bottom right.

1989 Fleer Glossy Rookie Card #196 back of card

The rear of the card lists his complete professional statistics to date. Both in the major and minor leagues.

It also contains a brief player bio noting, among other things, that Sheffield was the youngest Brewers player to start a major league game since Robin Yount.

5. 1993 Donruss Elite Card #28

Approximate PSA 10 Value – $250

Approximate PSA 9 Value – $50

1993 Donruss Elite Baseball Card #28 of Gary Sheffield

Donruss began producing Elite Series cards in 1991. Originally included as a number of insert cards placed throughout its base sets, but eventually as a standalone set in 1997.

The 1993 Donruss Elite series was ahead of its time. Showcasing beautiful shiny/metallic borders on its frontal designs, that make some of these cards very valuable for mid-90s cards.

The #28 Gary Sheffield card pictures him from the waist upwards. Glove in hand, and smiling into the camera.

The phrase “The Elite Series” is written across the top of the card’s front. While Sheffield’s name is centered across the bottom.

1993 Donruss Elite Card #28 rear of card

The rear of the card notes that Sheffield’s 1992 season was his first with the Padres and was a breakout year. Seeing him develop into a great offensive player. 

4. 1989 Topps Tiffany Rookie Card #343

Approximate PSA 10 Value – $260

Approximate PSA 9 Value – $60

1989 Topps Tiffany Rookie Card #343

As the market began to be heavily saturated with sports cards during the late 80s and early 90s. Some companies began to release higher quality sets of cards, separate from the base set.

The higher quality cards contained the same basic design specifications as the regular cards. But contained a few distinguishing features such as a brighter color scheme or glossier finish.

The 1989 Topps Tiffany #343 Gary Sheffield rookie card fit this mold exactly. Presenting the same design as the #343 base rookie card. But showcasing a glossier finish that made the card more collectible and valuable than the base version. 

1989 Topps Tiffany Rookie Card #343 back of card

The rear of the card is in a sharper and smarter pink and purple combination.

3. 1989 Topps Bowman Tiffany Rookie Card #142

Approximate PSA 10 Value – $265

Approximate PSA 9 Value – $45

Gary Sheffield 1989 Topps Bowman Tiffany Rookie baseball Card #142

After Topps bought out their rival Bowman in 1956, many thought Bowman baseball cards, previously a mainstay in the market were gone forever. However, in the 1980s Topps introduced the historic Bowman brand to the market again. Issuing entire sets under the previously extinct brand name.

The #142 Topps Bowman Tiffany rookie card, like the 1989 Topps Tiffany rookie card. Was simply a fancier version of its base card counterpart.

The Tiffany version contained a glossier finish on the card’s front and a whiter cardstock background on the card’s rear.

The card features a photo of Sheffield in the field at his original shortstop position. With the Bowman logo listed on the top left of the card and his replica signature printed at the bottom.

1989 Topps Bowman Tiffany Rookie Card #142 Back of card

The rear of the card lists his stats from his short-lived 1988 season with the Brewers. Displaying them in a unique, team-by-team format. 

2. 1989 Upper Deck Star Rookie “SS Upside Down Error” Rookie Card #13

Approximate PSA 10 Value – $500

Approximate PSA 9 Value – $100

1989 Upper Deck Star Rookie SS Upside Down Error Rookie Card #13

One of the best baseball card sets ever produced in the modern era. The 1989 Upper Deck set introduced many key innovations to the market. Including foil packaging and holograms that were tamper-proof.

Although it is best known for its iconic Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card. It also had many other top rookie cards including Randy Johnson, John Smoltz, and Craig Biggio.

The #13 Gary Sheffield rookie card pictures Sheffield sitting in the dugout while holding a bat over his right shoulder. The top right of the card’s front contains his position. The bottom left list’s the Upper Deck logo. And the bottom right lists Sheffield’s name.

In addition to listing his 1988 major and minor league stats. The rear of the card contains a rather lengthy player bio.

1989 Upper Deck Star Rookie SS Upside Down Error Rookie Card #13 back of card

Although the regular #13 rookie card is a good product, the real value is in a limited number of these cards that incorrectly list the SS abbreviation for shortstop upside down. 

1. 1993 Topps Finest Refractor Card #31

Approximate PSA 10 Value – $750

Approximate PSA 9 Value – $250

1993 Topps Finest Refractor Card #31 gary sheffield

The 1993 Topps Finest Refactor #31 card featuring Sheffield is one of the earliest versions available of a refractor card. These types of cards were just introduced to the market that year.

The background and border of the front of the card display the shiny rainbow-color design of refractor cards. Along with a picture of Sheffield in a running position.

The words “Baseball’s Finest” are listed at the top of the card’s front. While the bottom displays the Topps logo and Sheffield’s name.

The rear of the card is aligned in a horizontal format. With the left side displaying another picture of Sheffield, and the right side listing his stats from the 1992 season.

1993 Topps Finest Refractor Card #31 gary sheffield back of card

All in all, the design of the card is pretty impressive for its time and still stands out in the market today. Making it one of the most valuable Sheffield cards ever produced. 

Bonus Memorabilia Items 

Gary Sheffield also has many memorabilia items featuring his likeness in addition to sports cards. Many of them available on

Gary Sheffield signed Baseball

Several autographed baseballs are available for purchase. But probably the best option for collectors would be one signed by the 1997 Florida Marlins championship team. With 31 different signatures including Gary Sheffield, selling for $348.79.

Another good option is an autographed baseball commemorating Sheffield’s 500th home run. Available for $195.99. The baseball itself not only contains Sheffield’s signature but also is inscribed “500 HR 4/17/09” in his writing.

Gary Sheffield signed 500th Home Run

Further commemorating Sheffield’s 500th home run is an autographed 11-inch by 14-inch photo of him celebrating after hitting his 500th home, retailing for $203.99.

An autographed, game-used bat from Sheffield’s 2009 season with the Mets can be purchased for $1,631.19.

Gary Sheffield signed baseball bat

Probably the best overall item is a 1993 game-used Sheffield All-Star jersey. Signed by several members of the 1993 NL All-Star team. Including Sheffield, Barry Bonds, John Smoltz, and Tom Glavine. Selling for $1,845.59. 

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