How Do You Store Sports Stickers?

When sticker companies decided to start producing large sets of collectible stickers with the intention of storing them in an album. It would have been impossible for them to predict just how popular the trend would become.

Arguably the most popular type of sticker within this category are Panini‘s sports stickers. They have been in production since the 60s and have had a consistent level of popularity since then.

How Do You Store Football Stickers?

These stickers have been collected by a massive variety of people over time. And while some have been meticulously kept and placed in their albums, just as many were immediately peeled off and stuck on the closest thing the owner could find.

It is funny to think about just how popular the market for these vintage stickers is.

If a sticker is rare enough, it will be able to sell in just about any condition. But in most cases, buyers are looking for a sticker of as premium quality as they can find it, especially if it is more modern. 

As well as this, some collectors are immensely proud of their collection and would like to preserve them in the best quality they can. If your collection is not pristine, some people will not consider it valid.

This is why there is such a large portion of the sports sticker collecting community that emphasizes the importance of storing stickers in as safe storage as possible.

And surrounding this is a lot of debate about the best method.

If you are looking to give your sports stickers the extra protection they need to stay safe. Read on and see what suits your needs the best!

Storing Your Sports Stickers In Their Original Album

This is the most easily accessible option on the list. If you start collecting sports stickers, in all likelihood you have the album the stickers are meant to be displayed in.

They are usually bundled with a starter pack and are typically pretty inexpensive. They obviously fit the set very well aesthetically and will have a specific space for each sticker.

But there are downsides. Depending on the era these albums come from, they have very varying quality. And the older varieties are likely to be made entirely from quite thin paper.

Also, adhesive backings have not always been on stickers, so older collections could even be distorted by glue. 

Even with newer albums not needing glue, you also have the added pressure of having to place every sticker perfectly within the borders. If you do not trust yourself with this level of precision, it is not worth the risk. Get the kids to do it!

And finally, even newer albums still have weaker than average covers. And in the wrong circumstances, the whole collection could bend or fold and be distorted.

If you want to use this method and not have to worry about these problems, it is best to invest in a fitted-outer shell or binder to protect this flimsy but aesthetically pleasing option.

Storing Sports Stickers In A Fitted Binder

This is usually the most popular option amongst collectors. This method is easy to use with sliding cards in being much less permanent than using the adhesive back. It also makes it easy to view your whole collection.

While it does not have the matching aesthetic of a matching album. They are generally much safer with a more reinforced cover. These binders are often inexpensive and come in sizes perfectly fitted for the standard Panini sizing for stickers. 

Storing Sports Stickers In A Fitted Box

On collector websites, you can usually find clear good quality boxes. These are perfectly fitted for storing stickers of this size.

This is one of the safer options. With the boxes fitting to give good protection of all the stickers lined up together.

It is also one of the more compact options. With these boxes not taking up much space and being easy to stack and store.

In spite of all the practical reasons, these are one of the worst options for viewing your collection.

They obviously cover the view of most of the stickers. And if you want to look through the stickers, it is quite hard to search through the contents of the boxes to find what you are looking for.

Some collectors use these boxes to keep their doubles to keep them out of the way but still safe.

Storing Sports Stickers In Toploaders

Toploaders are the perfect option for protecting an elusive rare card individually, or for the collector who prioritizes reselling.

While these are impractical for storing a whole collection. With them becoming bulky after stacking on top of each other. They are by far the best way to store a single card.

The plastic used gives a perfect view of the sticker. Some collectors use a tab to make it easier to pull out cards if they decide to remove them.

This is also the best option for delivering stickers if you are reselling or trading. They are relatively inexpensive to buy in bulk and will usually survive the sometimes harsh conditions of postage.

Also, if you want to fully protect a rare card but still want to be able to view it, this is the best choice.

Storing Sports Stickers In Packet Protectors

If you have left your stickers in their original packet to resell at a much later date when they will have the extra worth of a vintage, or you just like to have a good copy of the packaging untainted, this is the best option.

Collector companies have now started producing these perfectly sized pockets which fully seal and protect the fully concealed stickers.

If you have some packets you are worried about getting damaged, especially if you plan to sell them, this is the best way to store them.


The main thing to consider when choosing a storage option is what you plan to do with your collection. If you are planning to keep it for your own enjoyment. Then a binder or pristine original album will be the best option.

And if you have lots of doubles you are planning to resell, then a box is probably the best option. But if you are planning to do a lot of reselling or trading online, then toploaders and packet protectors are best. 

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