How Much Is A Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Worth?

Patrick Mahomes is arguably the best young quarterback playing in the NFL. And, at the age of only 27, has already broken a stream of long-standing records in the sport.

But now, he is even breaking records without actually doing it himself. 

How Much Is A Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Worth

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has become hugely popular in football and the media. But, it is in the world of sports cards where he has become even more popular.

Although there are various versions of Patrick Mahomes cards on the market, it’s the rookie card that has taken the market by storm.

A specific Patrick Mahomes rookie card has recently set a new world record for the most expensive football card ever sold!

Graded as 8.5/10 by Beckett, this is no typical rookie card. Made in 2017, this card features the NFL Shield Patch (worn on Mahomes’ jersey) and is classed as a National Treasures card.

Making it more valuable is the fact that it is signed by the superstar himself. 

As you can imagine, this rookie card is regarded as a one-of-one, meaning it is unique and one of a kind. Go anywhere in the world, and you will not find one like it. 

Although Patrick Mahomes is a bona fide superstar of the NFL, he still has some way to catch up with the heights set by Tom Brady. But, when it comes to NFL sports cards, Mahomes is top trumps.

Find out how much Patrick Mahomes’ rookie card is worth today and the record-breaking price it sold for in 2021.  

Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Worth

Sports cards are renowned for going at huge prices at auctions or through private sellers. But, the Patrick Mahomes rookie card beats all that came before. 

In 2021, it was announced by PWCC Marketplace that a specific Patrick Mahomes rookie card sold for a mind-blowing $4.3 million.

It comes as no surprise to ;ear that this broke the record for the most expensive football card ever sold in the world. 

Patrick Mahomes summed it up perfectly on his Twitter account by simply tweeting, “My Goodness,” alongside a mind-blown emoji.

Not only was this signed rookie card the most expensive ever sold in the world of sports cards, but it was the fourth highest-selling card of any cards ever sold. 

It broke the previous record by more than $1 million. That previous record holder was the Tom Brady rookie card, which sold for £3.1 million earlier in 2021.

In fact, the Goat, Tom Brady, had the record for the last three highest selling cards. But, Mahomes has taken the trading cards throne, for now. 

Who Bought The Signed Patrick Mahomes Card?

The 2017 national Treasures Platinum 1/1 trading card, graded BGS 8.5, was sold to Leo Ruberto via a private sale.

Ruberto is the owner of LJ’s Card Shop located in New Albany, Ohio and deals with a range of different card types.

But, it is safe to assume that the Patrick Mahomes’ signed card with the NFL Shield Patch adorned on it was Ruberto’s biggest ever purchase. 

How Much Is A Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Worth (1)

LJ’s Card Shop mainly deals with high-end contemporary cards. Rubero keeps most of his most costly cards and items in a PWCC Vault, where some remain for years (or until a price comes that he can’t refuse!)

When Ruberto contacted PWCC regarding the purchase of the Mahomes’ 1/1 card, the card was not stored in their vault.

However, Jesse Craig, the Director of Business Development, had knowledge of who had the card at the time. After some negotiating, the owner agreed to sell.

Ruberto beat the previous highest-selling card, that was only bought a few months earlier in the Leland’s Mid-Spring auction.

That card was a Brady Playoff Contenders Championship Rookie Ticket card (BGS9) and sold for $3.1 million. In the world of trading cards, records are there to be broken, just like in the NFL.

PWCC now has the distinction of selling the last three world record-breaking sports cards. The majority of these continued to be stored in the PWCC Vault.

The all-time record was set in January 20221, when the 1952 Mickey Mantle rookie card was sold for $5.2 million. Only a few months later, the LeBron James Exquisite auto-patch rookie card sold for the same fee. 

2021 was a truly record-breaking year in the world of sporting trading cards. 

Other Patrick Mahomes Rookie Cards Worth

Ever since Mahomes burst onto the NFL stage in 2018 with 50 touchdowns and 5,097 passing yards, his trading cards have increased in value.

Whilst the autographed 1/1 Mahomes rookie card sold for record amounts, an unsigned 2017 rookie card was sold at online auctions for $90,000 last year.

Although an unsigned Pat Mahomes rookie card is worth much less than an autographed version, it still comes at a substantial cost of $90,000.

And, with each passing year, this worth will continue to grow. By the end of 2022, it could be nearer $100,000.

There are a number of Pat Mahomes cards in the trading card industry.

Below are the top five most expensive so far:

  • 2017 National Treasures Green Patrick Mahomes II Rookie RC Patch Auto/15 PSA-9 – $188,988
  • 2016 Panini Select ’17 NFL Draft XRC Patrick Mahomes II Gold Prizm Redemption #2 PSA Gem Mint 10 – $192,000
  • 2017 Panini National Treasures #161 Patrick Mahomes Signed Jersey Rookie Card RPA (#55/99) – PSA GEM MT 10 – $399,750
  • 2017 Panini National Treasures Rookie Patch Auto (RPA) #161 Patrick Mahomes II Signed Patch Rookie Card (#53/99) – PSA GEM MT 10 – $399,750
  • 2017 Panini National Treasures Platinum Autographed Rookie Card – $4.3 Million

In Summary

Patrick Mahomes has set the NFL stage alight since his breakthrough year in 2018. But, it’s his 2017 autographed Nation Treasures Rookie Card that has broken world records in the trading cards industry. 

Got some spare change? Maybe you can strike a deal with the current owner! 

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