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Jason Kidd is currently a basketball coach in the NBA. This follows an illustrious career that carried him across the NBA map. He is considered by most to be the greatest Point Guard to ever step foot on the court at both amateur and professional levels. As such, you can expect his basketball cards, from all through his career, to be quite valuable.

Upper Deck #160 1994

The estimated PSA 10 value of the 1994 Upper Deck #160 Jason Kidd Rookie Card is $75, which makes it one of the less valuable Upper Deck RC’s out there for someone with such a good reputation.

However, the next card from the same year really could add a few zero’s to your bank balance.

The Jason Kid Refractor #286 from the 1994 Finest Basketball Collection has an estimated value of $2,499.81 at a PSA 10 grade.

#286 Jason Kidd Refractor

Strangely enough, most of Jason Kidd’s basketball cards don’t hold much in the way of value, with the exception of those you can find that are autographed by the man himself. Most of the more valuable Jason Kidd cards come from a variety of specialty sets and refractor cards, which are typically rarer. 

Is a Jason Kidd Rookie Card Valuable?

Somewhat. As we mentioned above, Jason Kidd has one exceptionally valuable rookie card but there is little in the way of value between most of the others.

It is strange that he isn’t valued higher. It’s not as if the guy wasn’t extremely popular in his prime and he is now the current head coach of the Dallas Mavericks. You can’t say that his career hasn’t been bright and exceptional. 

So, as we detailed above, the only Jason Kidd rookie cards with a lot of value are the specialized ones, such as the Jason Kidd Refractor #286. 

The 1994 Topps Jason Kidd Spectralight #37 Rookie Card is valued at $319.82 with a PSA 10 grade.

Spectralight #37 1994 Topps

After that, Jason Kidd’s rookie cards drop off significantly in terms of value or price.

When it comes to Jason Kidd cards, the rookie cards tend to be the cards with the highest level of value. One other thing that is worth mentioning, especially when considering the overall value of these rookie cards, is that there is a very steep drop-off from a PSA 10 grade to a grade 9 card. 

Other Jason Kidd Rookie Cards

For instance, the 1994 Collector’s Choice Jason Kid #250 Rookie Card PSA 10’s are valued at $49.00. At the next lower grade, PSA 9, the value plummets to $9. An ungraded version of this card is a paltry $1.50.

1889 Collectors Choice #250

The 1994 Fleer Jason Kidd #268 is valued at $58.01 with a PSA 10 grade. At grade 9, the value drops to $13.77. Ungraded, the value is less than a Snickers bar at $1.44. It’s amazing how the tiniest little thing can make a rookie card drop like a boulder thrown off a cliff from one grade down to the next. 

Fleer #268 Kidd

What is a Jason Kidd Card Worth?

That largely depends on the Jason Kidd card in question. The most valuable Jason Kidd card, that has not been autographed, is the 1994 Finest Jason Kidd Refractor #286 at a PSA 10 price of $2,728.00, a grade 9 price of $501.51, and an ungraded price of $140.00

Of course, autographed versions of any one of these cards will send its value into the stratosphere, even a lowly rookie card that has not more value than a candy bar. Autographs make all of the difference of course and are the most sought-after variations of any cards on any list. 

You don’t have to have a Gem basketball card to get some decent value out of Jason Kidd. As far as cards go, however, the price really goes up with an autograph. 

Current Sales Prices for Autographed Jason Kid RC’s

  • Jason Kidd Autographed 1995 Topps Rookie Card #371$769.95
  • Jason Kidd Autographed 1995 Topps finest Rookie Card w/Coating #286: $961.95
  • Jason Kidd Autographed 1995 UDA Collector’s Choice Card #250: $149.95
  • Jason Kidd Autographed 1994 NBA Draft Pick Rookie Card #37: $769.95

That’s just a minuscule example of what probably amounts to hundreds more just like it. The value of Jason Kidd cards, as the value does for any famous athlete’s autograph, climbs exponentially. 

However, despite the autographed cards above and many more just like it, the non-autographed cards listed above are still more valuable assuming that they would receive a PSA 10 grade. 

Without that grade, all of the multiple thousands of dollar value cards drop below the autographed cards above. That shows the true value of receiving a PSA 10 grade, whether it’s Jason Kidd, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, or any other legendary athlete. That PSA 10 grade is absolutely everything in terms of value. 

What year was the Jason Kidd rookie card?

Jason Kidd’s rookie cards are from the year 1994. Jason Kidd was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks as the overall number two pick. He immediately went on to impress, achieving the co-NBA Rookie of the Year in his rookie season. 

Jason Kidd originally came from the California Golden Bears, where he received Freshman of the Year status as well as landed a position on the All-PAC team. He set multiple records throughout his college career as well, both at his school and in terms of the NCAA. 

Jason Kidd Sports card collage

He stepped up his game in his sophomore year but only remained in college that year before opting for the NBA draft. It was a good decision, as Kidd went on to have an extremely successful career across a variety of teams. 

His rookie season earned him the above-mentioned co-NBA Rookie of the Year award and he was first in the NBA in triple-doubles. The Dallas Mavericks were not considered to be one of the best teams in the NBA when Jason Kidd was drafted.

While there are always extenuating circumstances to consider, it’s hard to argue with the fact that Kidd has an immediate impact on the success and drive of the team. His rookie cards are a reflection of his rookie season both in their value and in the highlights of his contributions. 

While he didn’t make the All-Stars in his rookie season, it didn’t take Jason Kidd very long to climb to some of the upper echelons of NBA fame and fortune. The very next season saw him make the NBA All-Star team and he was (and still is) forever known as the guy who did the “baseball pass.” 

All Things Considered

Jason Kidd is a well-known NBA legend today and many of the basketball cards out there that bear his name are a reflection of his success, especially if you’re lucky enough to have his autograph as well. 

In terms of raw value, Jason Kidd rookie cards hold the most, while not even an autographed Jason Kidd card under any other category can match a Jason Kidd rookie card with a PSA 10 grade. 

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