O.J. Simpson Football Cards: Top Facts Every Collector Should Know

O.J. Simpson may be a divisive figure but he’s an American cultural icon who enjoys immense popularity even today. 

Thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise that his football cards are some of the most prized possessions among football card collectors. This is partly due to his football career, which was nothing short of phenomenal. 

He played as a running back in the National Football League (NFL) for eleven years. During his tenure, he earned several accolades and broke many records. 

But his life off the field also has a lot to do with the enduring popularity of O.J. sports cards. 

You’ll have to read the rest of this article to know more about that. It contains all the essential information about his life and career, and which O.J. Simpson football cards and collectibles you should be eyeing. 

O.J. Simpson: Top Facts

Before talking about O.J. Simpson football cards, let us give you a quick overview of the must-know facts about him. You might know much of it already but check the table below for a little reminder. 

Personal Information
Full NameOrenthal James Simpson
Date of BirthJuly 9, 1947
Place of BirthSan Francisco, California
EducationCity College of San Francisco (1965-1967); University of Southern California (1967-1969)
MarriagesNicole Brown Simpson (1985-1992, divorced); Marguerite Whitley Simpson (1967-1979, divorced)
Football Career Highlights
TeamsBuffalo Bills (1969 – 1977)San Francisco 49ers (1978 – 1979)
Key AchievementsABC Sports names him college football player of the decade (1970)
Named in the NFL Pro Bowl Team (1972 – 1976)
Named NFL All-Pro Team (1972 – 1976)
Interesting Trivia 
O.J. had a relatively successful acting career. He starred in several big-budget films such as The Towering Inferno (1974), The Naked Gun (1988), and many others. 
On June 12, 1994, O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, were found stabbed to death. He was accused and tried for the twin murders. The trials and accusations became the center of extensive media coverage and legal proceedings. And the whole matter overshadowed almost everything else about Simpson’s public image.  

The 10 Best O.J. Simpson Football Cards

O.J. Simpson football cards come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more sought-after than others. In this list, we will introduce you to the ten best O.J. Simpson football cards that you can get at this moment. 

This list can help you figure out which one(s) to add to your collection next. It could even open your eyes to a hidden gem or two already in your collection. 

#1: 1969 Glendale Stamps

The 1969 Glendale Stamps was a vast set of stamps featuring football players from every team. It also contains the classic OJ rookie card, published after he became the first player to be drafted for the 1969 NFL season. 

The 1969 O.J. Simpson rookie card value can depend on many factors (more about this later). However, we can assure you about one thing. You’ll most certainly fetch a substantial amount if you have this card in mint condition.   

By the same token, you’d have to shell out quite a lot to get one of these cards in your collection today. 

OJ Simpson Glendale Stamp

#2: 1970 Kellogg’s O.J. Simpson Rookie Card #48

One of the most valuable 1970 football cards is the 1970 Kellogg’s O.J. Simpson Rookie Card #48. This 1970 O.J. Simpson rookie card can fetch astonishing prices in online marketplaces such as eBay, especially if it’s in mint condition and graded highly by the PSA. 

One of the reasons behind such astonishing prices is the fact that very few copies of this card survive in mint condition. Since they were given out in cereal boxes, most of them were owned by children who did not preserve them very well. 

Therefore, if you find this 1970 O.J. Simpson rookie card in mint condition, you should lap it up. It’ll be of good value and a decent addition to your collection at a much lower cost than the card we’re about to discuss next. 

OJ Simpson Rookie #48

#3: 1970 Topps O.J. Simpson Rookie Card #90

In this list of the best O.J. Simpson football cards, this is perhaps the most valuable. The reasons for this are manifold. For instance, you might be surprised to know that there are very few football O.J. Simpson cards released by a mainstream company like Topps. 

Moreover, there are few very good copies of this 1970 Topps football card’s most valuable edition. Therefore, the prices of the mint copies have shot up. 

For example, some copies with PSA grades of 8 or 9 have sold on the market for over $1,000. It’s been a while since then, so you can expect the prices to be even higher the next time such a piece enters the market. 

1970 Topps #90 O.J. Simpson

#4: 1970 Topps O.J. Simpson Super-Glossy Rookie Card #22

We’ve already introduced you to the 1970 Topps football card’s most valuable edition but there have been other Topps cards as well. For example, the 1970 Topps O.J Simpson rookie card is known for its glossy finish. 

These cards were made to look and feel as premium as possible. Hence, the design features bright and vibrant colors and a glossy finish. The edges are rounded and the back is more or less bland. 

It’s true that they have not held as much value as, say, the 1970 Topps O.J. Simpson Rookie Card #90. But they can be a decent addition to your collection nonetheless. 

You can get ungraded copies in pretty solid conditions for a bargain, which will almost certainly appreciate in value if you can take care of them. It would be best to have them sealed and graded by the PSA. 

Some copies of this 1970 O.J. Simpson rookie card with PSA grades 8 or 9 have gone on to earn quite substantial amounts in recent sales. 

Topps Super Glossy #22 OJ Simpson

#5: 1971 Bazooka O.J. Simpson #14

For those of you who may not be familiar, Bazooka is one of the most famous brands of chewing gum in the United States. And a football O.J. Simpson card given out with a pack of Bazooka in the 1970s is among the most valuable O.J. Simpson football cards. 

We’re talking about the 1971 Bazooka O.J. Simpson #14 card. In a sense, this too is a Topps card. You might be a bit surprised by this but it’s true. The Bazooka brand is owned by a division of the Topps company. 

At the time, football cards were a common addition to a 25-cent pack of Bazooka. But this O.J. Simpson football card was part of a special Hall of Famers set. 

Thus, its value has skyrocketed over the years and mint copies are extremely hard to come by. 

OJ Simpson Bazooka

#6: 1971 Dell O.J. Simpson

If you’re looking for a rare football O.J. Simpson card that’ll enrich your collection without burning a hole through your wallet, this one’s a solid contender. 

The 1971 Dell O.J. Simpson football card was released as part of a set given out with the 1971-72 NFL yearbook of the once-renowned Dell Sports Magazine. 

The set originally consisted of 48 cards but many collectors have since turned the entire set into smaller individual components. Thus, you might be able to find single copies of the 1971 Dell O.J. Simpson. 

They may come at a substantial price, especially if they are highly graded and in mint condition. But you can find ungraded pieces in more or less the same condition for a fraction of the cost if you’re lucky. 

Dell 1971 O.J. Simpson Football Card

#7: 1971 Mattel Instant Replay Record O.J. Simpson

Well, the “cards” that we’re going to be talking about here may not necessarily fit the definition of a “card” in the narrow sense of the term. In this regard, they’re comparable to the 1969 O.J. Simpson Glendale Stamps. But both are incredibly valuable collectibles nonetheless. 

The O.J. Simpson 1971 Mattel Instant Replay Records are actually miniature records that resemble small cards. At the time of their release, they were intended for playing on miniature toys that Mattel had developed. The record contained 30 seconds’ worth of information about the player. 

If you want a unique O.J. Simpson collectible to add to your collection, you’ll be hard-pressed to find pieces that’ll match this one. And the best part is that you can get them in pretty good conditions for fairly reasonable prices on eBay or other online marketplaces. 

Mattell Instant Replay O.J. Simpson

#8: 1971 Topps Pin-Ups O.J. Simpson #13

Once again, we have an amazing O.J. Simpson collectible that’s not strictly a trading card. It’s better described as a small poster. 

In fact, the 1971 Topps pin-ups O.J. Simpson were never really sold separately at all. They were given out as inserts in packs of football cards. But since then, they have become one of the most sought-after O.J. Simpson football cards. 

However, mint copies graded by PSA of this small pin-up poster can be rarely found on the market. But you can find great steals that aren’t graded but otherwise in good, very good, and even mint conditions. 

Furthermore, it’s one of the collectibles on this list that still goes for prices that won’t break your bank. So, go for this one if you’re in the market for a unique O.J. Simpson memorabilia within a reasonable budget. 

Topps Pin Ups O.J. Simpson

#9: 1972 NFLPA Iron-Ons O.J. Simpson

The 1972 NFLPA Iron-Ons are another example of popular O.J. Simpson collectible cards that aren’t really cards. In this case, these pieces are made of a cloth-based material instead of the traditional paper-based material. 

The reason why they continue to be popular among collectors is because of the picture of O.J. printed on them. They feature O.J. with the long sideburns that became his signature look for several key years of his career. 

So, if you’ve ever been a fan of that look, you should definitely consider getting the 1972 O.J. Simpson NFLPA Iron-Ons. You can get mint condition pieces with proper authentication from PSA for quite affordable prices.

Iron On NFLPA OJ Simpson Patch

#10: 1977 Topps Mexican O.J. Simpson All-Pro #453

Finally, we’ve chosen quite a quirky item to top off our list of the best O.J. Simpson football cards that you can get your hands on. It’s quirky because of its history. 

Topps decided to release a set of O.J. Simpson football cards in Mexico but the venture failed completely. The card remained idle and neglected in a warehouse for several years before coming into circulation. 

The physical features of the card are almost identical to the cards released by Topps in the United States. But with a crucial difference. Every text in the Mexican edition is in Spanish. 

If the history and the quirkiness appeal to you, then you should consider getting this card. You can find mint-condition pieces graded by PSA for reasonable prices. They are starting to creep up now though. 

Topps Mexican 1977 #453

Things to Consider Before Getting an O.J. Simpson Rookie Card

If you’ve been collecting football cards or any other collectibles on the planet, then you have some basic idea about the rules. There are certain things that you need to consider before buying or selling a collectible. A big part of that is making an accurate valuation of a collectible item. 

Such rules also apply to collecting O.J. Simpson rookie cards and other football cards as well. Find in the sections below explanations of some of the factors that you must keep in mind before getting an O.J. Simpson rookie card:


The first and perhaps the most obvious factor that you should care about is the value of the O.J. Simpson rookie card. Not only the current market value but the expected future value as well. 

When it comes to collectibles, it’s better to focus on items that may not necessarily be valued as highly today but are likely to rise in value in the future. This is often easier said than done, so don’t bother too much about it. 

If you wish, you can stick to items that have been graded by PSA and given a good rating. Such items may be more expensive on average but the value is more likely to appreciate or at least stay stable. 


Hobbies such as O.J. Simpson rookie card collecting can lead to impulse purchases quite often. But you need to be careful about it, especially because a single major purchase can set you back by a huge amount. 

The easiest way to deal with this problem is to set a budget and stick to it religiously. But that’s not the only problem that setting a budget can help you fix. 

For instance, it can help you identify, say, the 1970 football cards that you should add to your collection next. The choice becomes a bit easier if you’re focusing your search on items within a certain budget. 

Moreover, it can also help you find hidden gems and bargain deals. You may not be able to find such good value deals if you don’t restrict yourself with a budget. 

Personal Interest 

In the world of hobbies such as O.J. Simpson rookie card collection, you need to have great knowledge about the items. You need to know their history, prices past and present, and also aspects that may influence their future value. 

That’s a lot of information to absorb, process, and keep track of. Wouldn’t you agree? 

Thus, you should limit your collecting activities to items that you’re genuinely interested in. This will not only ensure that you get the most satisfaction but also get the best value in the long run. 

For instance, the 1971 Mattel Instant Replay Record O.J. Simpson is something that many collectors may shy away from. But you should go for it if it’s the memorabilia you’re truly interested in and it fits your budget. 


One of the most important aspects of an O.J. Simpson rookie card or any other collectible football card is the appearance. In other words, the design. 

For most of the cards in our list, we focused quite a bit on appearance. For instance, the vintage look of a card may make it more valuable than the others. 

The first appearance of an athlete on a card, which is what a “rookie card” basically means, is another fact that adds value to a collectible piece. 

Moreover, certain glossy cards can retain value because of their glossy and vibrant appearance. A good example of this would be the 1970 Topps O.J. Simpson Super-Glossy Rookie Card #22. 

OJ Simpson Collage of memorabilia

Where to Buy O.J. Simpson Football Trading Cards

If we’ve been able to pique your interest in getting an O.J. Simpson rookie card, then you might be wondering exactly where you can get one. 

Don’t worry! We’ll guide you to the right place. You can pick up your next O.J. rookie card from any of the places below. 

Local Sports Collectible Shops

If there’s a store in your neighborhood that sells sports cards and/or other memorabilia, it should be the first place where you look. Such stores often have a decent selection of old and new cards. 

In fact, many might routinely buy used cards from patrons. As a consequence, they may have a large collection of old and rare cards. 

Chain Retails Stores

Most of the chain retail stores that you already shop at will stock sports cards. For example, you are likely to find football O.J. Simpson cards in Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar Tree, Kmart, and other stores. 

However, these stores often tend to have only new and latest cards. They may not necessarily have much value as collectibles right off the bat. But some of them may have the potential to become extremely valuable in the future. 

If you can identify such items, then it’s okay to buy sports cards from the big retail chain stores. 

Online Marketplaces

If you’re serious about collecting O.J. rookie cards, then online marketplaces might be your best bet. You can find all sorts of football cards online. 

For example, you can find the latest releases in marketplaces such as Amazon and other sites focusing on sports memorabilia. Sites such as Sport’s Card Zone, Diamond Cards, and many others focus primarily on sports cards. 

But the best marketplace for highly valuable and rare collectible cards is inarguably eBay. For instance, if you want to buy 1970 O.J. Simpson rookie cards, then you’re more likely to find them on eBay than anywhere else. 

Flea Markets and Yard Sales

If you want to buy old and rare O.J. Simpson cards, there are a couple of alternatives to eBay. And they’re flea markets and yard sales. 

Such places can often be filled with worthless junk, especially yard sales. But you can also find incredible gems hidden in the junk if you’re lucky. And for extremely low prices. 

However, getting to the gems hidden in a sea of junk requires a lot of time, effort, and luck. Therefore, you should not make flea markets and yard sales your primary destinations for getting O.J. Simpson football cards. 

O.J. Simpson Football Card Price

O.J. Simpson rookie cards and other collectible football cards come in different price points. You can start collecting no matter what your budget happens to be. 

For instance, many cards, including many old and rare ones, can be bought for a dollar or slightly more. On the other hand, there are many that can go for over $1,000. 

For example, the mint condition 1970 Topps football card’s most valuable edition can be valued at $1,000 or more based on current market prices. 


If you’re a fan of sports and like to collect sports memorabilia, you should seriously consider collecting O.J. Simpson rookie cards. They are some of the most interesting and valuable collectible items among collectors of sports memorabilia. 

Hopefully you should have all the necessary information about what to buy and where to buy from. The next step for you is to use all the knowledge and go get your first piece of O.J. memorabilia. 

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