The Best Jalen Green Rookie Cards Available Right Now

If you haven’t taken notice of the Jalen Green rookie cards yet, you really should as before being selected by the Houston Rockets as the second overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft.

Jalen Green was already making his name known while playing at San Joaquin Memorial High School in California driving his team to second place in the CIF Division II and the quarterfinals.

Jalen Green Rookie Card Collage

He soon became showered with awards throughout his high school career earning the CIF Central Rookie of the year and being awarded the MaxPreps Freshman All-American Second Team, which is no small feat for someone so young at the time.

Green was even set to play in the McDonald’s All-American game and the Jordan Brand Classic which has featured the likes of Kyrie Irving and Lebron James. 

He earned 30 points and 8 threes in his NBA 2021 debut alone which certainly makes him an exciting up and comer.

Here are 7 of the hottest Jalen Green rookie cards right now that you will definitely want to keep a look out for as they rise in value. 

1. 2021 Chronicles Select Draft Picks Jalen Green Select Black PRIZM #279

  • Approximate PSA 10 value – $500
  • Approximate PSA 9 value – $260
2021 Chronicles Select Draft Picks Select Black PRIZM #279

One of the very first releases from Panini America is the Chronicles Draft Picks which highlights Jalen Green throughout his younger years.

The real beauty of this set is there are a wide variety of price ranges which means while this select black edition is one of the more expensive, it is still a little cheaper than other sets making it great for collectors.

While Panini sets often portray players in their college kits, because Green went straight to the G League he is shown in a blank jersey as an homage to his days being part of the Ignite team. 

2021 Chronicles Select Draft Picks  Select Black PRIZM - Rear of card

Many collectors will wait for the NBA counterparts to be released which makes it a good idea to try and pick these cards up now as not only are they perfect as early collectables for a player who is still yet to hit his peak, but for how cheap these cards are now they will inevitably rise in value in the near future.

2. 2021-2022 Jalen Green Kaboom Panini Crown Royale Rookie #22

  • Approximate PSA 10 value – $8,500
  • Approximate PSA 9 value – $6000
2021-2022 Jalen Green Kaboom Panini Crown Royale Rookie #22

While this card has incredible value, it’s also all about the style and design with the signature Kaboom explosive background making this card vibrant, colorful and incredible as part of a collection.  This is an SSP version of the card (super short print). So, a shorter run that the SP (short print) and even the Ultra Short Print (USP).

Kaboom cards have become some of the most sought out in the hobby and have grown tremendously in interest over recent years.

And it’s not hard to see why with this card featuring Green boasting in his signature red Houston Rockets kit with a scratchy vibrant background along with a Houston Rockets symbol in the top right corner.

While many card sets can fall victim to overproduction and over grading, this is not the case with the Kaboom editions which have become iconic within the sports card community and are now considered incredibly collectible.

2021-2022  Kaboom Panini Crown Royale Rookie - Rear of card

While many collectors actually thought poorly of these cards initially, they are now some of the most desirable modern cards that collectors can get their hands on. 

3. NBA Hoops Jalen Green Auto Rookie Card #218

  • Approximate PSA 10 value – $175
  • Approximate PSA 9 value – $80
NBA Hoops Jalen Green Rookie Card #218

NBA Hoop Basketball sets are special because they are the first cards to feature rookies in their professional NBA and are a favorite to buy and sell among collectors even long after the players debut season which allows them to maintain good value. 

These sets are also great because they mark the transition of a player from college basketball, or in Green’s case G League, into the professional game which always makes the cards that much more valuable to the collector especially if they are a big fan of the player.

We chose this card in the set specifically because it is currently so cheap on the market that you really don’t want to miss the chance of picking it up.

Also because the card itself looks great with Green dribbling with his left hand while fully suited in his red Houston Rockets uniform with a vibrant red border to match. 

NBA Hoops Card #218- rear of card

On the back, there is even a full table of his stats and points during his time at the G League that only adds to the uniqueness of this card. 

4. 2021 Goodwin Champions Rookie Authentics Jalen Green Rookie Auto RC #03T-JG

  • Approximate PSA 10 value – $1050
  • Approximate PSA 9 value – $500
2021 Goodwin Champions Rookie Authentics Rookie Auto RC #03T-JG

Upper Deck is known for possessing some incredibly high grade cards which is exactly what you get in the Goodwin Champions set.

This card specifically not only goes for a moderate price compared to others in the same set, it also looks incredible with a simple design, and Green in a simple black tee going for a under the leg dunk from a run up.

An autograph is included on this card adding a lot more value and when compared to the Upper Deck Employee Exclusive cards. It has a limited run of 299 cards.

#03T-JG - Jalen Green - Rear of card

This set is far cheaper while still having excellent quality and additions that are sure to drive its value up, not to mention its an incredible card to display or keep in a tight sleeve as part of a collection.

5. Generation Next Jalen Green Houston Rockets RC

  • Approximate PSA 10 equivalent value – $30
  • Approximate PSA 9 equivalent value – $17
Generation Next Jalen Green Houston Rockets RC

Generation Next sets are a popular collectors items because they give attention to players who are seen as up and comers and who have great potential to stand toe to toe with the veteran professionals of the sport.

On the back there is a full set of stats looking back at Green’s time in the G League including his team, his personal features such as his height and weight and even the date for when he was drafted into the NBA. 

With a choice of either a shattered glass or cosmic star sleeve, this is a card that is already being thrown around the market for a moderate price. This is a cheap and nice looking card. But not one that we would recommend for its future investment potential.

6. 2021 National Treasures Jalen Green Rookie Materials Triple RPA #RMT-JLG

  • Approximate PSA 10 value – $4000
  • Approximate PSA 9 value$2375
2021 National Treasures Jalen Green Rookie Materials Triple RPA

While it may be surprising just how quickly Green got a National Treasures Card in his name, when looking at his staggering rise to stardom, it was always going to happen sooner or later.

These cards are known for being incredibly expensive and top of the range when it comes to rarity and condition, however this is for very good reason as they are verified and valued by the National Treasures brand which automatically boosts the rarity of these cards tremendously.

This card is the best National Treasure option you will be able to find for Green because not only is it marginally cheaper than many of the other and more recent additions, it also comes with a triple patch which is virtually unheard of in many sets. 

The RC logo shines brightly at the top left of this card with the National Treasures logo proudly displayed just above the patches along with Green’s signature right below. 

The other edges of the card are complimented by a smaller golden border on the inside of the card that gives it a premium look and feel with an image of Green to the right standing with the ball at his hands ready to initiate a pass in a white Rockets uniform. 

2021 National Treasures Jalen Green Rookie Materials Triple RPA

While it is on the pricier side, when compared to other National Treasure editions of Jalen Green this is definitely still currently affordable and offers great investment potential. The triple patch and aesthetic design and limited run of 49, taking it to another level.

7. 2021-2022 Panini Prizm Jalen Green RC Purple Prizm Rookie #306

  • Approximate PSA 10 value – $3500
  • Approximate PSA 9 value – $2000
2021-2022 Panini Prizm Jalen Green RC Purple Prizm Rockets Rookie #306

In terms of design and aesthetic, it’s hard to find a card better than the Panini Purple Prizm cards.

The Panini Prizm set features the 2021 NBA Draft Class which finally arrived in the summer of 2022 after a temporary delay, and of course with how dominant he was during that year and his career with the G League, there was no way that Jalen Green could be left out of the set.

The Prime Prizm logo is right at the top of the card with the RC logo in the top right corner. Part of the beauty of this card is just how minimalistic it is.

Rather than being cluttered with logos or statistics on the front, it puts Green at the forefront of the image to let the card stand out for itself. 

Just like other Panini cards, the back features a good amount of information and details about Green’s time in the NBA G league and his rise to stardom in the NBA along with his personal stats when playing for the Ignite team. 

2021-2022 Panini Prizm Jalen Green RC Purple Prizm Rockets Rookie #306 - rear of card

Because this set was delayed and are now fresh off the press, they are heavily sought after by collectors so it’s definitely not a bad idea to try and get your hands on one of these cards now either to keep or to sell on in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Did Jalen Green Cards Rise In Popularity?

While the Jalen Green rookie cards began surging in popularity after his transition to the NBA in 2021. The truth is this popularity is only going to continue on the up and up considering Green’s young age and how exciting he is to watch.

Which means his cards are not considered ‘high risk’. It is fair to say that unless he severely drops off, attention will only grow.


Jalen Green is expected to only improve in the next few seasons if his past career is anything to go by.

So for all card collectors and investors this is definitely one that you will want to keep your eye on.

Nate Heath

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