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Trevor Lawrence is a quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he has played since 2021.

Before that, he was the quarterback for the Clemson Tigers. Not surprisingly, his rookie cards are worth quite a bit, in part because he had such successful careers at both his college and now with his pro team.

Trevor Lawrence Collectible card collage

Even though he hasn’t been a pro very long, collectors and fans alike are going after these cards with fervor, and if you’re wondering what the best Trevor Lawrence cards are to collect, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 10 of some of the most collectible Trevor Lawrence cards out there.

1. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Prizm RC #331

The Trevor Lawrence rookie card prizm comes with several backgrounds and different features and therefore, the costs of the cards can vary quite a bit.

2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Prizm RC #331 Red Cracked ice

For instance, you can pay just $90 for this card with a red cracked-ice prizm and up to around $1,600 for the card when it has a black-and-white checkerboard background.

Other versions exist as well, and this card shows a standard throwing pose for the young quarterback.

2. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Contenders Rookie Ticket RC #101

This is one of the most expensive Trevor Lawrence rookie cards at around $1,000 and is considered to be one of the most collectible football rookie cards to date.

2021 Rookie Ticket #101

It looks great and even has his autograph on the card, making it a very smart investment for anyone who wants the cards in their collection to increase in value.

This rookie card shows Lawrence with a football in his hands right before throwing it. It looks like a replica of a game ticket and even shows the row, seat, and section numbers at the bottom of the card.

3. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Donruss Rated Rookie Card #251

This is a great card to own if your budget is limited. But you still want a Trevor Lawrence card that is worth something.

Panini Donruss Rated Rookie Card #251 2021

You can usually buy one for around $70 pre-owned, and it shows Lawrence on the field with the football in his hand, looking like he’s ready to throw it to someone.

Like other sports cards, this one comes in a variety of backgrounds, which is why the prices for the cards can vary quite a bit. Nevertheless, this is an attractive card showing Lawrence in his Jaguars uniform.

4. 2021 Pro Set Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #XRC1

This card has a release date of March of 2021, which would’ve been before he started with the Jaguars.

It has a minimalist orange-and-white border and an emoji-style football helmet at the top, not to mention a very retro text font.

2021 Pro Set Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #XRC1 - Red Crystal

Lawrence is facing frontwards and is looking to the right of the card with the football in his hands, and his Clemson uniform tells you that this is a pre-NFL draft card.

In fact, there are two versions to look for that promise to increase in value if you’re interested in this card. They are a base, white uniform version. Also an autographed version with a blue-ink signature near the bottom 1/50 Red Crystals.

5. 2018 Leaf Army All-American Tour Autographs Trevor Lawrence #ATA-TL1

Leaf was smart to include Trevor Lawrence in their Army All-American Tour line of cards.

This one shows Lawrence facing forwards with his uniform of black trimmed in gold, smiling at the camera.

2018 Leaf Army All-American Tour Autographs  #ATA-TL1

It has his name at the bottom and a signature in blue ink. It doesn’t have the same high-end pedigree as other Trevor Lawrence cards, but the autograph adds to its value, as does the fact that it is sometimes difficult to find.

This card had a print run of only 199 cases, and each of the cases contained 15 boxes.

6. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini National Treasures RPA RC /99 #156

This is a beautiful card and a true RPA (Rookie Patch Autograph).

It comes with Lawrence’s autograph in blue ink at the bottom, his photograph on the right-hand side of the card, and a patch on the left-hand side made out of the Jacksonville team colors.

2021Panini National Treasures RPA RC  #156

You’ll be able to tell just how valuable it is when you pay for it because its cost can easily be five figures. Nevertheless, it’s a great Trevor Lawrence card to add to your collection.

7. 2021 Topps X Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #44A

This card is a little different than most other cards because it features a cartoon-like drawing of Lawrence with a very retro background.


The saying mentioned on the card goes like this: The Path Taken by Few.

It has his name and an autograph in blue ink at the bottom of the card, and it typically sells for around $90.

As with a lot of sports cards, you can find this one on sites such as eBay and Amazon. The color theme is a dark pink/light red and orange, making it an interesting card and a great addition to your collection.

8. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Mosaic RC #301

The 2021 Panini Mosaic card set proves one of the reasons why they are such a popular company.

Panini Mosaic RC #301

This card has a green mosaic background and has a photograph of Lawrence facing the camera and carrying a football.

The mosaic look gives the card some extra pizzazz, and it even comes with a Jaguars logo at the bottom right-hand side of the card.

Best of all, while this is one of the many rookie cards with Lawrence in them, it is not an expensive card. It costs around $25 and is therefore affordable for everyone.

There are a variety of prizm versions – red / orange / green / silver.

9. Prizm Draft Picks Trevor Lawrence #106

If you’re looking for an RC (rookie card) that represents Lawrence’s days at Clemson, this is it.

It is a very popular card in the sets that came out through the summer of 2021. In the photograph, Lawrence is running with the football in his hands, and the Clemson orange tiger paw is shown in the bottom left-hand corner.

2021 Prizm Draft Picks#106

It comes in silver, gold, green, blue, orange, cracked ice and a red-white-and-blue color theme, and it sold for around $60 when it came out in 2021.

It’s a very affordable and attractive Trevor Lawrence card to have in your collection.

10. Trevor Lawrence Chronicles Draft Card

This card was released in July of 2021 and consists of photographs of Lawrence in his Clemson uniform.

You can find around 15 different base cards, not to mention several sub-brands for each.

Trevor Lawrence Chronicles Draft Card

Prices for this card vary depending on how rare it is and, of course, what condition it’s in.

As of this writing, collectors are buying some common parallels for around $50-100, while the rare parallels—which are numbered /99—are $100–200.

If you go on eBay, you can usually find the base cards that cost around $10 or even less.


One thing you’ve learned from this article is that Trevor Lawrence sports cards can be very valuable, but you have to know where to look to find those cards.

We’ve listed some suggestions for you that can be a good place to start. They include cards from his days at both Clemson and Jacksonville.

With these cards, you can easily add something amazing to your collection, and since they come in a variety of price ranges, you can always find something to fit your budget.

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