What Does PSA Slabbed Mean?

If you’ve been collecting cards for a while, you’ve probably picked up on what different words and card grades are.

You probably know how to tell if a card is fake or legit, and you probably know if the cards you own are of a high grade. 

Rarity PSa Slabbed

If you’ve just started collecting cards or you’ve found yourself in possession of some but you aren’t an avid card collector yet, you probably don’t know what a lot of the card terms are… like what does PSA slabbed mean?

What Are Slabbed Cards?

A slab in card terms is a container in which the card is encased by different grading companies. Each grading company has its own slab style. A PSA slab is quite slim and lightweight, whereas BGS is bulkier. 

A slabbed card is usually a graded card, but there will be times you come across cards that are in slabs, but they aren’t actually graded. Slabbed literally means placed within a slab. 

So, a PSA slabbed card is a card that has been graded by the PSA company and placed in a slab by that grading company. 

Is It Worth Getting Your Cards Slabbed & Graded?

If you’re indecisive about where or not it’s worth getting your cards slabbed it really depends. 

More often than not, getting your cards slabbed and graded does increase their value. So if you ever plan on selling them, or you just want a collection that is worth a bit of money, getting them slabbed can help with that.

One of the main reasons card collectors get their cards slabbed though is because it adds some protection and decreases the risk of the cards getting damaged. 

But getting your cards slabbed and graded does come with some risk. If you’re not getting it done in person and you need to send them off in the mail, there’s always the increased risk that the card could get lost or damaged.

Another big factor is it can cost quite a lot of money to get cards graded and slabbed. 

It varies from person to person and card to card, so you’ll want to do your research properly before you get your cards slabbed and graded!

Can You Trust PSA Grading?

For the most part, PSA grading is the most reliable grading company you can go for.

They have a reputation for being accurate and reliable in both grading and slabbing and most customers are happy with their cards after they’ve been sorted out by PSA. 

In some cases though, PSA graded cards can, unfortunately, be fake.

Because they are one of the most well-known and commercial grading card companies, it’s easy for people with questionable intentions to make fake versions of the graded cards. 

How Do I Tell If My PSA Slab Is Real?

Luckily, there are a couple of ways you can tell if your PSA slab is real or fake: 

  • Check The Label

 PSA themselves has said their preferred method of working out if the slab is fake or real is to hold the label in front of a bright light.

On an authentic card, the label will be really easy to read in the light, but if you’re having trouble reading it, you’ve likely got yourself a fake. 

  • Request A Closer Look At The Card

 Before the internet became the main way to buy and sell things, this method was a lot easier to do in person. But you can still do this with online purchases. 

When purchasing a card online, ask the seller for some close-up images of the card so you can gauge its authenticity.

It is important to remember to check the label, the corners, and the surface of the graded card when trying to work out if it’s real or fake. 

If the seller is a bit defensive about sending you these pictures or sends you them without showing you the label, the corners, and the surface of the graded card, then you may want to reconsider purchasing from this particular seller. 

  • Ask For Help From Someone With The Right Knowledge

There’s no shame in asking for help and if you happen to know someone who is credible and reliable, with the correct knowledge of trading cards, you should definitely get their opinion. 

Long-term and passionate collectors can usually tell if a card is real or fake just by looking over it for a couple of minutes.

They will know exactly what to look out for on the label, the corners, and the surface of the graded card. More often than not, they will be willing to teach you how to identify a fake yourself. 

If you ask for help in the right places from reliable and trustworthy people, you will be able to find out if the grading and slab on your cards are legitimate without any issues. 

  • Inspect The Card Yourself

If you are confident in your own abilities, then you should have a go at inspecting the card and slab yourself. 

Use the tips that have been provided here and always make sure to check the label, the corners, and the surface of the graded card before anything else.

They are the most important areas to look at when working out if the card or slab is fake. 

Remember that you can look online for any questions you might have while inspecting the cards and slabs and if you really are stumped on if they are real or fake, you can always ask for help! 


So now you should know exactly what a PSA slabbed card is: a card that has been graded and slabbed by the PSA grading company and a slab is a case in which the card is put. 

Whether you’re looking to start your own collection or just make it a bit better aesthetically, you may want to consider slabbing your cards.

Just remember that slabbed cards can be fake and aren’t always graded, so keep that in mind when you’re looking to purchase the slabs! 

Nate Heath

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