Which Are The Best Hockey Cards To Buy?

Some hockey cards are simply going to remain highly prized due to what they represent. Such vintage cards of legends include those of players such as Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, and Maurice Richard.

Then there are cards of current rookies which may turn out to be a sound investment. Especially if those players go on to reach greatness. If they are autographed and numbered then even better.

Which Are The Best Hockey Cards To Buy?

The best hockey cards to buy could well be found on various auction sites such as eBay. Where you can judge their popularity by how many people are watching their auctions.

In this guide, we will look at the factors that make a hockey card worth buying. Along with the current cards that may be worth looking at. We will also look at the best hockey cards to buy.

The Factors That Make A Hockey Card Worth Buying

Certain factors rarely change when judging a trading card’s value. Of utmost importance is the player that is featured as the game’s greatest tend to go for more. If you can get a card with them as a rookie then that will increase the value.

The PSA is another crucial factor as the cards in the best condition command the highest value. Combine the two factors and you should have a card that you really should keep hold of. And it could fetch a sizable sum at auction.

One other factor that may come into play is if the card is numbered. The earlier numbers are of higher value. For instance, 1/50 or 1/99 should command a higher value than 39/50 or 67/99.

Finally, if you can verify that the card has been autographed by that specific player then watch that value rise. 

The Current Sets That May Be Worth Looking At

While you may be looking for specific hockey cards to add value to your collection. You should have more patience to pick them up them one by one.

Then again, there are commemorative sets that could increase in value over time. One such set is the NHL 2011 Stanley Cup Champions Boxed Set from Upper Deck. This features professionally designed cards and comes in a sturdy box. 

An Upper Deck Commemorative Set

A more recent set of cards from Upper Deck is their 2019/2020 MVP set of NHL Trading Cards. This has 105 cards, each with a 2000 Stanley Cup-themed design.

This includes exclusive Gold Script cards with serial numbers that are unique to the set. There are also Silver Scripts, Stanley Cup Edition Silver Scripts, and shiny inserts which include Net Crashers, Blue Liners, and Supernovas.

A Donruss Hockey Cards Set

If you still wanted the thrill of a set of cards featuring famous hockey players from various eras then Donruss has just the collection for you.

Simply called the Donruss Hockey Hall-of-Fame and Superstar Cards Collection, you can expect to find the usual suspects of greats. This includes Wayne Gretzky but also Jaromir Jagr, Mario Lemieux, and Ray Bourque in a set of 40.

What may make it more interesting is that each card collection is different and can span decades of history in the NHL. 

Which Are The Best Hockey Cards To Buy?

If you can find a card that combines rarity, excellent condition, and one of the all-time great players. Then it should be highly valuable.

One such card would be a 1979 card of Wayne Gretzky from O-Pee-Chee which went for $3.75m. This was one of only two of those specific cards known to exist and such rarity ramped up its value.

While you may not want to buy it, the card is a good example of the kind of card you should look out for. 

The Greatest Of All Time

Other trading cards of Wayne Gretzky can also demand a high value that could go even higher.

Another O-Pee-Chee card is a base card from 1983, though it is not a rookie card, due to Gretzky’s standing in the game it still commands a big value.

That’s due to Gretzky being largely recognized as the greatest hockey player of all time who held 61 records at his retirement and won a total of four Stanley Cups.

The Greatest American-Born Of All Time

For a rookie card, look at the 2007 Upper Deck Young Guns trading card of Patrick Kane.

As Kane is seen as the greatest American-born ice hockey player of all time with three Stanley Cups, a high PSA rating in this card should bring a large price tag. 

Promising Rookies

Such a promising rookie would be Jesse Puljujarvi who was drafted fourth overall back in 2016. That is relatively recently and after having a great 2020/21 season, he is such a prospect to look out for.

Puljujarvi’s 2016 Upper Deck Young Guns rookie card may be worth holding on to, if he continues to progress as expected.

Final Thoughts

The best hockey cards to buy may be the ones that will rise in value in coming years, rather than the high priced ones currently.

Buying with the future in mind should mean going for rookie cards of promising players that would prove a better investment than a rare card of all-time great that may be at its peak value with little sign of decreasing in value.

Ensure that the PSA ranks highly, keep hold of your numbered cards, and look for the cards that offer the most promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Easiest Way To Find Out If Hockey Cards Are Worth Trading For Money?

The easiest way to discover the value of your most treasured cards is to cast your eye on the previous sales data.

Certain factors like the PSA rating are considered yet by checking online you can get a good estimation of how much each card is worth before you get the value checked by a legitimate card authentication company.

What Do Numbered Sports Trading Cards Signify?

When you look at a sports trading card, the number signifies the one in the print that you have and how many of those cards were printed.

So a card with the number 2/50 means it is the second out of a possible 50 that were produced. These cards are rare and very collectible.

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