1992 Topps Baseball Cards – Best Picks

Below are the 8 best picks for the 1992 Topps baseball set. We have also added some extra baseball memorabilia items from 1992 at the end. 

Although they will never carry the same weight as cards from the 50s, 60s, and early-to-mid 70s. 90s cards still attract plenty of interest among collectors of all types.

1992 Topps Baseball Cards collage

The resurgent sports card market has greatly enhanced the price of baseball cards over the last few years, giving various sets from the 1990s greater value than they previously had.

The 1992 Topps set in particular offers a large number of good cards. These are cards that won’t break the bank and would make solid additions to any collection.

8. Jim Thome Rookie Card #768

Estimated PSA 10 Value – $35

Estimated PSA 9 Value – $11.50

Jim Thome Rookie Topps Baseball Cards #768

Jim Thome is one of the most underrated and underappreciated power hitters in MLB history. Amassing 612 home runs and 1,699 RBIs in his career.

Often overshadowed by other power hitters in the steroid generation such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa. Thome was a clean player who never used PEDs.

Thankfully, he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2018. Finally getting the recognition he so often lacked for most of his playing days.

Jim Thome 1992 Topps Baseball Rookie Cards #768 back of card

In tune with his underrated reputation, Thome’s rookie card does not include a player bio or detail any minor league accomplishments. It simply lists his minor league stats and notes that he was signed by the scout Tom Couston. 

7. Barry Bonds Baseball Card #380

Estimated PSA 10 Value – $35

Estimated PSA 9 Value – $12.50

Barry Bonds 1992 Topps Baseball Cards #380

Barry Bonds was the king of baseball for about 5 years in the late-90s and early 2000s.

Dominating MLB with a stunning display of power. The all-time home run king with 762 career home runs. Bonds destroyed his reputation with his use of PEDs, probably costing him a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

However, his cards still have some value in PSA 10 condition, as he was still a tremendous player even before his steroid use.

It is important to note, however, that attitudes toward steroid users have begun to soften a little, slightly opening the possibility of Bonds getting into Cooperstown by way of the Veterans Committee.

Barry Bonds Topps Baseball Card #380 back of card

The #380 card of Bonds features him in the outfield in his younger days with the Pirates. Even though he was not known for his defense. 

6. Manny Ramirez Rookie Card #156

Estimated PSA 10 Value – $37.50

Estimated PSA 9 Value – $7.50

Manny Ramirez Topps Rookie Card #156

Manny Ramirez was one of the best, if not the best hitter, from the mid-90s to the late 2000s, putting up incredible offensive numbers.

His impressive feats earned him top 10 finishes in the MVP vote 9 different times, along with 12 All-Star appearances and 9 Silver Slugger Awards.

Unfortunately, his use of banned substances has permanently damaged his reputation and probably cost him any chance at making the hall of fame.

As a result, the price of his cards on the market is not nearly as high as a player of his stature would normally dictate.

His rookie card in PSA 10 condition still has decent value for a 90s baseball card and is a solid addition to any collection.

Manny Ramirez Rookie Card #156 Back of Card

The card details some of Ramirez’s impressive high school baseball feats at George Washington High School in New York. Including hitting a home run over 400 feet in a game played at Central Park. 

5. Ken Griffey Jr. Card #50

Estimated PSA 10 Value – $45

Estimated PSA 9 Value – $13

Ken Griffey Jr. 1992 Topps Card #50

The face of baseball during the 1990s, Ken Griffey Jr. captivated the baseball world with his vibrant charisma and otherworldly talent.

There was simply nothing that Ken Griffey Jr. couldn’t do on a baseball field, excelling at all facets of the game. A clean player in the steroid era. Griffey Jr. hit 630 home runs and drove in 1,836 runs in his career.

He was the 1997 AL MVP, won 10 Gold Glove awards, and was named an All-Star 13 times.

The #50 card featuring Griffey Jr. is designed in a horizontal layout, showing him sliding into 3rd base. It is a perfect representation of his great all-around baseball acumen that made him such a dominant player.

1992 Topps Ken Griffey Jr. Card #50 Back of card

The rear of the card notes that Griffey Jr. hit his first major league grand slam during the 1991 season on July 23. 

4. George Brett Card #620

Estimated PSA 10 Value – $45

Estimated PSA 9 Value – $15

George Brett Card #620 Topps 1992 Baseball Cards

Although he is more associated with the 70s and 80s era of baseball. George Brett was still a solid player well into the 90s.

While it may come as a surprise that such a late-career card would carry good value, it’s important to note that Brett was fast approaching 3,000 hits, a milestone he would achieve during the upcoming 1992 season. Therefore, his cards have a little more historical value as he began to amass milestones, similar to Nolan Ryan’s achievements late in his career.

Brett ended his playing days with a lifetime .305 batting average, was named to 13 All-Star teams, and was the 1980 AL MVP.

George Brett Topps baseball Card #620 back of card

Unlike most other cards in the 1992 Topps baseball set, which feature players in action shots. The #620 Topps card of Brett shows him posing with a bat in a darkened background, presumably in the dugout or team locker room. 

3. Nolan Ryan “Record Breaker” Card #4

Estimated PSA 10 Value – $45

Estimated PSA 9 Value – $17.50

Nolan Ryan Record Breaker Card #4

Other than Mickey Mantle, few other baseball players have equaled or surpassed the popularity of Nolan Ryan from a baseball card perspective.

Almost all of his cards, including those near the end of his career in the early 90s, still possess plenty of value.

The #4 “Record Breaker” card commemorates Ryan’s 22nd consecutive season with at least 100 or more strikeouts. A testament to his durability, consistency, and impressive talent.

He broke the mark previously set by Don Sutton, who had amassed 100 or more strikeouts from 1966 to 1986.

Nolan Ryan Record Breaker Card #4 back of card

The card also notes that Ryan finished the 1991 season with 5,511 strikeouts, incidentally another strikeout record, and credits him with holding nearly every strikeout record in MLB history. 

2. Don Mattingly Card #300

Estimated PSA 10 Value – $60

Estimated PSA 9 Value – $15

Don Mattingly Card #300 Topps 1992

Playing during a forgotten era of Yankees baseball from 1982 to 1995. Don Mattingly bridged the gap between the ‘Bronx is Burning’ teams and the late-90s dynasty.

Although chronic back problems derailed the 2nd half of his career and have to this point cost him a spot in Cooperstown. Mattingly has a stretch of 6 seasons early in his career from 1984 to 1989 where he averaged hitting .327 with 27 home runs and 114 RBIs.

He was the 1985 AL MVP, finished 2nd in MVP voting the following year, was named to 6 All-Star teams, and won 9 Gold Glove awards.

His great popularity among Yankees fans has helped to bolster the value of Don Mattingly baseball cards. Driving them even higher than many of his peers who ended up making the hall of fame.

Don Mattingly Card #300 back of card

The back of the #300 card notes that Mattingly had a .385 career batting average through the 1991 season in games played on his birthday. 

1. Nolan Ryan 1992 Topps Baseball Card #1

Estimated PSA 10 Value – $67.50

Estimated PSA 9 Value – $25

Nolan Ryan 1992 Topps Baseball Card #1

The flagship card of the 1992 Topps set. The #1 Nolan Ryan card is considered by many collectors to be the most valuable and desirable base card of the regular 1992 Topps set.

The photo on the card’s front perfectly captures Ryan’s aggressive, intimidating pitching style that confounded MLB hitters for years.

While the rear of the card does include some brief player information such as height, weight, date of birth, etc. It does not include a player bio.

Nolan Ryan 1992 Topps Baseball Card #1 back of card

Ironically, there is simply not enough room on the back of the card to include any other information other than Ryan’s massive number of impressive statistics from 22 seasons in the major leagues. 


Plenty of great memorabilia items are available for purchase on sportsmemorabilia.com. With most of the top items being baseballs or baseball bats autographed by different top players from the past.

There’s a 1992 Hall of Fame commemorative baseball autographed by the late Tom Seaver. This can be purchased for $2,849.59.

A 1992 All-Star Game commemorative baseball autographed by Ken Griffey Jr. is available for $639.99. While another one signed by Mark McGwire along with the inscription “HR Derby Champ” has a retail price of $319.99.

1992 signed Ken Griffey Jr baseball

A 1992 World Series commemorative baseball signed by the World Series champion Toronto Blue Jays is available for $1,230.39. While one signed by the NL Champion Atlanta Braves can be purchased for $568.79.

A baseball signed by the 1992 NL All-Star team, including signatures of Ryne Sandberg, Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, and Ozzie Smith, is available for $660.79.

A baseball bat signed by the 1992 Cincinnati Reds team, including Barry Larkin, can be purchased for $782.39.

1992 Cincinatti Reds signed baseball bat

Finally, a Dave Winfield game-used and autographed Cooper baseball from the 1992 season has an asking price of $2,187.99.

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