7 Of The Funniest Names On Sports Cards

Okay, we all like a good chuckle, even when we know we shouldn’t.

In fact, when the giggles take hold there’s often no stopping it for quite some time.

In an attempt to brighten your day, we have created a list below of 7 of the funniest names on sports cards that we could find. 

Dick Pole  funniest names on sports card

If you know of any more that are worthy of the list then please drop us a note in the comments. If we receive a few suggestions will gladly create a new article and give credit if you want your details including.

Where does the name Dick come from?

One of the most common names on todays list is Dick. But where does it originate from?

The name Richard is an ancient one that was particularly popular during the Middle Ages. In those days, everything had to be written by hand and people often used “Rich” as an abbreviation or nickname. Mainly just for time-saving purposes. Eventually Rich also became Dick.

More recently Dick has a few other meanings. Most humorous is the reference to a man’s private parts, but it is also an insult relating to a person who is mean, annoying or stupid. E.G. he’s a bit of a Dick.

I know that my boss hates it when I call him Dick, especially since his name is Mike.

There are quite a few dicks on todays rude card checklist. So let’s begin.

Dick Pole Sports Card

Mr Dick Pole (DP) was a pitcher, and as if his rather humorous name wasn’t funny enough. It is compounded by the fact that he was a pitcher for the Portland ‘Beavers’

Dick Pole Funniest card names Topps #326

There are plenty of Dick Pole Baseball cards available online, particularly on Ebay and you can expect to pay just a few dollars for cards in reasonable condition.

The most expensive currently is the 1979 Topps #326. If you can find this in NM condition then expect to pay up to $50

Dick Paradise Sports Card

Dick Paradise wasn’t some funny Boogie Nights character. He was an Ice hockey player and former member of the Minnesota Fighting Saints. 

There are still a good amount of Dick Paradise Hockey Cards available from his time playing in the World Hockey Association.

Quaker Oats #49 Dick Paradise

The 1973-74 Quaker Oats Dick Paradise #49 is probably his most collected card. If you can find an un graded one in good condition then expect to pay around $30.

Dick Sisler Sports Card

Dick Sisler was quite a hot sausage in his younger days. He excelled at most ball sports and ended up playing professional baseball. We think that he has one of the funniest names on sports cards.

After his playing career was over he enjoyed success as a manager too.

1952 Topps #113 Dick Sisler funniest card names

There are plenty of Dick Sisler Baseball cards still available for a few bucks. A word of caution though, there are also quite a lot of Topps reprints floating around too. So do check exactly what you are buying. 

Want to buy a Dick Sisler sports trading card? Keep an eye out for the Dick Sisler 1952 Topps #113 Cincinnati Reds baseball card. If you can find a PSA9 or PSA 10 then expect to pay about $100.

Dick Felt Sports Card

Have you ever wondered how much is costs to get a Dick Felt? His cards are some of the more expensive on today’s list. 

But, you’ll be pleased to know that it won’t cost you too much to grab a Dick Felt Football Card. And even more good news, they are most likely only going up in price over the next few years. 

Dick Felt was a famous football player in his time but also very humble and very much a family man. He was drafted by the New York Titans of AFL in 1960. He played there for two years before joining Boston Patriots, where he spent five more successful seasons.

Dick Felt Fleer 1963 #8

It is certainly the case that Dick Felt Vintage Football cards are harder to come by now. Keep an eye out for the 1963 Fleer #8 Dick Felt Patriots card. This will set you back anywhere from $150 upwards for a PSA 9 or above if you can find one!

Dick Shiner Sports Cards

There’s been a ‘mass debate’ here at Sports World Cards about whether you should consider adding Dick Shiner Football cards to your collection.

Shiner never really had a stellar career but he played hard and fast when he could.

If you are thinking about building a well polished collection, then you may want to consider adding a Dick Shiner Football card to your list.

Topps 1969 #64 Dick Shiner funniest sports card names

The Dick Shiner 1969 Topps #64 Pittsburgh Steelers Rookie Card is particularly popular. Expect to pay $200 for a PSA 9. If you can get hold of an autographed #64 then expect to pay $500 upwards for a NM version.

Chubby Cox Sports Cards

Have you thought about getting hold of a Chubby Cox or two to add to your sports trading card collection?

Well if you do happen to see a Chubby Cox 1980-81 TCMA CBA #1 card then you should grab it with both hands!! And be quick about it!!

Chubby Cox 1980-81 Basketball card

This now hard to find basketball card is highly sought after and doesn’t come around very often. Despite its rarity this card still won’t break the bank. Expect to pay about $300 for one in good condition.

Jack Glasscock baseball card

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a Glasscock then treat it very carefully.

The best known Capt. Jack Glasscock baseball cards is the 1887 Allen and Ginter Cigarette card. A PSA 2 will set you back about $1500. The most recent auction result for a PSA 9 Capt. Jack Glasscock was on 5/16/2015 and it sold for $15,535.00

These vintage baseball cards command high prices and even very poor and damaged ungraded cards can fetch $100’s.

Capt. Jack Glasscock Baseball Card

There are heaps of reprints on the market so if you are just looking to build up a collection of cards with rude names then you could still get a copy for a couple of dollars.

Funniest Sports Card Names – Conclusion

Collecting dirty sports cards is actually a ‘thing’, and we don’t mean the shop soiled sort. 

Some collectors like to build quirky sets of cards that feature bad mustaches such a Rollie Fingers et al. 

For others, it takes them back to the innocent days of school yard humor.  Owning or trading a sports card that has a double entendre attached can’t be beat. 

Those names that have the potential to be somewhat suggestive, socially awkward or even slightly offensive can be the source of great amusement. They take us right back to the days when we could laugh with impunity. That is, until we were caught by our Mom and received a stern look or a cuff on the ear!

Dick Sisler funny card names Reds

If you have any suggestions for some of the funniest names on sports cards then please add them to the comments or email them in. If we get a few decent ones then we will create a new post and include you as a contributor if you would like.

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