Are Panini Stickers Still Popular?

Panini are an Italian brand that started in 1961. They are most well known for their collectible stickers that are intended to be placed in specific sticker books. But are Panini stickers still popular?

There is a massive variety of panini sticker sets in circulation. With a lot of children’s media brands being particularly popular to release. The most popular and long-standing type of panini stickers are those of sporting events. Their soccer stickers are particularly popular.

Are Panini stickers still popular
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Panini stickers have been around since 1961. They were first released as a way to promote the sport of soccer. They were trialed and launched in Modena Italy initially and you had to glue them down before they became stickers. However it didn’t take long before the rest of Europe got the bug.

Panini Origins

The company was founded by two brothers who wanted to make something different to what other companies offered at the time. 

They created a set of stickers that featured images of players. They then sold them on cards that could then be stuck into a book.

This proved successful enough that they decided to create more products. They quickly expanded to include other sports such as baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, tennis, and even American football.

These early products were not very large and did not contain much information about the player, but that changed quickly.

As the popularity of these stickers grew, so did the size of the product and the amount of information included.

Nowadays, you can find almost any major league team represented in some form or another. And if you look hard enough you can find a complete collection of every single team.

Are These Stickers Still Popular?

A lot of adults recognize Panini stickers as an almost classic product. With them being around for over 60 years now.

This leads you to wonder if Panini stickers are as popular nowadays as they were in the 20th century. Well, it turns out that they are still extremely popular among both kids and adults alike.

In fact, Panini has become one of the biggest names in the world of sports memorabilia.

In the past few decades, Panini stickers have retained their popularity among collectors. There are many reasons why this is the case.

For starters, Panini stickers are relatively cheap compared to other types of memorabilia. You are easily able to collect a complete collection of all your favorite teams for under $100. 

So let’s have a look at the evolution of the popularity of Panini Stickers and look at where they stand today!

When Did Panini Stickers Become Popular?

The Italian Sticker Brand started in the 60s and gained steady popularity since then. Producing the first official FIFA sticker collection in 1970. But many argue that the popularity did not fully skyrocket until the 1977 Euro Football album.

This particular album contained a total of 876 stickers featuring players from across Europe. It was also the first album to feature a full range of European national teams.

By 1978, Panini had already produced several albums containing a total of 1,000 stickers.

The stickers gained so much popularity because of how affordable they were, especially in the 70s and 80s.

You could easily buy a complete collection of all the best players for less than 100 dollars. That meant that anyone could afford to start collecting stickers.

They also continued to innovate in their market. Being one of the first sticker manufacturers to use self-adhesive stickers instead of the now archaic seeming use of a third party glue.

These innovations helped Panini to gain a loyal following of customers.

Also, being a collectible where people want certain stickers more than they want others. Panini stickers were quickly able to form a community of fans.

This encouraged trading and loyalty to the brand and kept people coming back to buy more.

When an activity is a core part of your connection to people and when the activity encourages sharing and communication like sticker collecting does, it makes you want to keep up that hobby.

But how have Panini stickers maintained their popularity in the modern-day

How Did Panini Stickers Remain Popular?

Even though Panini stickers remained highly popular in the 70s and 80s, there was a noticeable dip in the late 80s and early 90s.

This is largely because of an acquisition that led to the company having less investment and therefore a lower reputation and value.

This led to 1992 missing its all important sticker album as well as allowing for competitor company Merlin to establish itself.

However, Panini stickers recovered very strongly after this point with the release of the 1996 World Cup Album, which featured a total of 2,500 stickers.

The album was released on time and was very successful. Since then, Panini has been releasing new sticker collections every year and the quality of the products has only improved.

Panini stickers continued their upwards trajectory into the 2000s and 2010s by releasing the 2006 World Cup Album, which featured 3,200 stickers.

This was followed by the 2008 UEFA Champions League Album, which featured 4,400 stickers.

In fact, the 2016 UEFA Champions League Album features 6,100 stickers, making it the largest ever album. However, Panini still continues to produce new albums each year.

Are Panini Stickers Still Popular?

The company has made efforts to expand its product line beyond just football stickers. They have expanded to include other sports such as baseball, basketball, cricket, and even ice hockey.

Panini stickers have retained their quality, variety, and value for money. This has made sure that, in a fluctuating economy, they will remain a popular hobby.

With the beginning of the internet age and web content becoming more popular, it has become easier for collectors to foster communities around their interests.

YouTube channels where famous collectors record videos of them opening packets get millions of views and these are shared across social media platforms. This keeps Panini stickers in the public consciousness.

Panini has also experimented with digital sticker trading platforms on websites and apps, and these efforts have been mostly met with success and acclaim for adapting with the times.


The rise of the internet and the availability of online resources has allowed for many people to start collecting Panini stickers.

It has also led to the creation of many communities and groups dedicated to the hobby. These groups allow people to share ideas, discuss topics, and most importantly, trade stickers.

This has helped Panini stickers maintain their popularity and continue to grow. As long as people are willing to pay an affordable price for high-quality products, there will be demand.

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