Are Panini Stickers Worth Collecting?

Like with all collector items, the question always arises; ‘Is it worth collecting?’ and depending on what your collection is of, the answer can vary.

The definition of something’s worth is largely subjective and differs depending on your perspective.

Are Panini Stickers Worth Collecting?

However, there are some questions that can be answered to get closer to an objective answer:

  • Just how easy is it to build a collection?
  • How expensive is it to build a collection?
  • How big of a community is there surrounding this collectible?
  • If you are planning an investment, how much resell value is there?
  • And how personally invested are you as a collector?

If you consider all of these questions you will know if something is worth collecting.

What we will be looking at now however is Panini stickers. These stickers have been popular since the 70s, but the company has been around since the 60s giving them over 60 years of experience manufacturing these collectibles.

What is impressive is the consistent quality and affordability these stickers have had since their beginning.

The most popular type of Panini stickers are the sports stickers, with soccer stickers being incredibly popular over the decades and since this, the company has branched into covering all major sports which have collectors willing to invest. 

With this item being a collectible for well over half a decade, there must be a reason people keep getting them, so let’s have a look at how worthwhile it is to collect Panini stickers!

How Easy Is It To Build A Collection Of Panini Sports Stickers?

This one is pretty simple. They are cheap, they’re fun to collect, and they are relatively easy to find.

Some people may argue that they aren’t worth the effort because of the low resale value.

This isn’t true though when you take into account that they are durable, long-lasting, and very affordable.

You also don’t need to worry about finding a good condition sticker either, because even in poor conditions, they still hold up really well.

The stickers are available to buy in most big supermarkets but also often sold in corner shops meaning that there is probably somewhere selling them within close distance.

They are also available to buy online in bigger quantities if you are wanting to buy a larger amount.

There is also a good community online for trading stickers as well as buying vintage ones.

You will not have to look too hard to obtain a sizable collection of Panini Sports stickers.

How Expensive Are Panini Sports Stickers?

Panini stickers are a lot cheaper than many other collectibles such as coins or stamps.

They usually come in smaller randomized packets that cost very little.

By picking up these packs relatively frequently you get the excitement of a randomized pull as well as a way to inexpensively build your collection consistently.

Also, the doubles you will inevitably come across through this method will give you a good excuse to build connections through trades.

If you are willing to drop more of an investment you can buy multipacks in bigger retailers or online if you want a full choice.

These usually give you more value per sticker and often come with interesting bonus collectibles or guarantee rarer stickers.

These are a good option if you want to make a strong start in collecting Panini stickers.

How Big Of A Community Is There For Collecting Panini Sports Stickers?

There is a large community on social media sites like Instagram where people post pictures of their collections and trade stickers.

If you are interested in building a collection then this is a great place to start. Many people are happy to share their collections and help others out.

If you want to know the best way to build collections for a specific set of stickers as you can freely ask for help and advice and veterans of the hobby are normally happy to help out as well as friendly.

The internet is also a great resource for learning about different sets and what is currently popular.

You can also join groups on Facebook and Twitter which are dedicated to specific types of stickers.

There are some which cover multiple sports, but there are also some that focus on just one sport.

These are a great way to connect with other collectors who share similar interests.

How Much Resale Value Do Panini Sports Stickers Have?

Panini stickers do have a decent resale value, but it depends on the type of stickers you are collecting as well as how rare your collection ends up being.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so if you buy a random pack from a supermarket, it would be wise to keep it until you are sure you want to sell it.

It is possible to purchase singles from eBay or Amazon, but the prices tend to be higher. However, they are still worth considering as you may end up finding a bargain.

The main thing to remember when looking at resale values is that the market changes all the time.

This means that items that were once valuable might now be considered worthless due to new trends and the popularity of players that you are aiming to collect.

It is always best to buy something without the intention of reselling since it is such a gamble of an investment.

How Personally Invested Are You In Panini Sports Stickers?

I think this is probably the most important factor as it is the least variable. When investing in a collection you need to know if you have a big enough personal interest to make collecting worthwhile.

This means that you should try to have a personal interest as motivation as it will make the process more rewarding as well as to give your collection more sentimental value. 


Collecting Panini stickers is a fun activity for many people and is a great way to make connections with fellow collectors as well as build up a collection of something you are personally interested in.

And with the stickers having long-term popularity and a cheap barrier of entry, it is a good collection to invest in for the long term!

Nate Heath

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