How Much Are The Premier League Stickers?

For those who love watching the English Premier League, filling up a Panini sticker book helps bring the excitement home.

Each pack is not that expensive and you could make a saving by purchasing a large box instead of simply buying the individual packs.

How Much Are The Premier League Stickers

If you can keep the sticker book and the stickers in good condition, they may even make a profit in a few years at an auction. 

In this guide, we will look at the cost of an individual pack of Premier League stickers and how much it would cost to fill an entire Premier League sticker album. We will also look at why Premier League stickers can make such a great investment. 

The Cost Of An Individual Pack Of Premier League Stickers

An individual pack of Premier League stickers contains five stickers and should cost 70p (around 88c). With that cost in mind, you would need at least 134 packs to cover the total of 636 stickers. 

At that number, it would cost as much as £93.80 simply to buy that number of stickers. Then there is the cost of the sticker album to factor in, you may want to go for the hardback version and the pocket tin to keep your spare stickers in great condition.  

Some bundles include the sticker album itself and 300 stickers which may be a good starting point. Starter packs will also include the sticker album along with two packs of stickers to get your collection started. 

If you want to present your Premier League sticker collection well then you should opt for the hardback album which makes transporting it safe and easy.

Instead of buying your packs of stickers individually, you could make the outlay to buy a large box of a hundred stickers.

That will certainly save you from having to make several trips to the store or shipping across each individual pack of stickers. 

How Much It Would Cost To Fill A Premier League Sticker Album

There are 636 stickers to collect in total to fill up the latest Premier League sticker album.

While it may seem simple to calculate the number of stickers in each pack and work out how many you need to hit that magic number, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Undoubtedly, you will get duplicates of stickers and will want to swap them for those that you need.

For many kids, this could be done at school during a break as individual deals so everyone got the stickers that they wanted to advance their collection. 

The process of swapping stickers may be a little difficult when performed remotely but it is possible.

There are online services where you can mark the stickers you already have and then specify the duplicates you also have and which stickers you need to advance your collection. 

Should you invest in a large box of a hundred packs of stickers to start with then this process can become easier as you can open each pack in the box and then work out which duplicates you have as a total. 

Why Premier League Stickers Make A Great Investment

Global interest in the English Premier League has never been higher. As the home of the beautiful game, the English league is watched around the world by huge television audiences. 

No matter the time difference, millions will tune in to watch the leading teams.

Few could argue that the English Premier League is one of the strongest in the world and with many of the greatest soccer players plying their trade there, this is a great opportunity to capitalize on the strength of the league hence why the stickers represent a superb investment. 

Football remains one of the most popular and watched sports in the world with sticker collections providing highly collectible. Fans of the game can start small and grab their sticker album to fill as quickly as they like.

As one of the most popular leagues in the world, the Premier League stickers are a great place to start your collectible collection.  

Final Thoughts

An individual pack of Panini Premier League stickers costs just 70p (around 88c) and contains five stickers.

There are 636 stickers to collect to complete an album yet with the likelihood of duplicate stickers being collected, you may want to get a large box to save you the hassle of constantly buying one or two packets of stickers. 

Once you have a large number of duplicate stickers, you can exchange them for the ones you need.

That’s a large part of the experience, find out which duplicate stickers you have, which ones you need and then get swapping to complete your collection.

Due to how popular the English Premier League is, completing an official sticker album could represent great value at an auction.

You may want to hold onto yours for a few years yet that investment of buying the album then a large box of stickers could seem exceedingly wise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has Panini Been Dealing In Sports Collectibles?

The Italian company, Panini, was founded in 1961 in Moderna by the Panini brothers; Benito and Giuseppe. Panini began with figurines which were stickers then attached with glue and it has remained a family business since then. 

Throughout the Sixties, the Italian company would sell millions of those figurines and their football collections became increasingly popular with children.

In the next decade, Panini launched a sticker album for the 1970 FIFA World Cup and shortly after began to introduce their self-adhesive stickers. 

Since then, the sports collectibles company has expanded into over 120 countries and presents over 400 collectible collections each year.

Their most productive and successful collection is with the English Premier League and their sticker albums have been featured with every season. 

What Is The Best Way Of Sticking In A Sticker To Its Place In The Album?

Pick up the sticker and remove the backing at one of the top corners then peel it off. Hold the sticker between two fingers on both hands and slowly place the sticker so that the corners match up. 

Slowly ensure that the sticker is level and the corners match up on one side then lay it across until the sticker fills the entire gap. There should not be any air bubbles if you do it slowly enough.

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