How Much Does It Cost To Complete A Panini Sticker Album?

The Panini Sticker Album is a great way to display your collection of sports stickers.

Panini Stickers are a type of football sticker that has been designed specifically for use with Panini Sticker Albums.

How Much Does It Cost To Complete A Panini Sticker Album

They can also be used as standalone items, but if you want to keep them all in one album, how much would it cost to fill it? And how many stickers would you need in one album? This article takes a look.

What Are Panini Soccer Stickers?

The Panini Stickers are a range of football stickers that have been created especially for use with Panini’s Sticker Albums. These stickers are available in different sizes and will feature your favorite football players.

If you’re looking to create a full album from scratch. The price will depend on the number of pages required and the size of each page.

For a normal album, if you were to create a 12 x 6-inch album, this would cost around $30 plus. But this can differ slightly with different Panini albums. More on this later.

If you just want to get started with creating your albums, there are plenty of free resources online. You can find lots of information about making your own Panini Sticker Album and which stickers are going to make the panini album worth more online.

How Much Will It Cost To Fill A Panini Sticker Album?

The cost to fill a panini sticker album, based on the 2018 Russia World Cup, which at the end required 682 stickers to collect, would be £109.12 which would be about $140. But this price would only be if you were lucky and didn’t get any repeats or swapsies.

If you were unlucky, you’d end up spending a lot more on stickers to complete the album. You would then end up trying to get rid of any repeats.

This is similar to the Premier League 2021 panini sticker album, which needed 642 stickers. This means you would need to buy at least 129 packets. Which at the very least would cost you £90.30 ($113).

Each year Panini stickers are released, collectors spend hundreds trying to fill up their panini albums. You would need to keep buying packs until you didn’t end up with any repeats.

Generally, collectors can spend around £700-£1000 and this would mean around $880- $1260. When Panini launched the official World Cup 2018 album, it was estimated that a collector would spend around £775 collecting stickers to fill a Panini sticker album. £775 at todays rates is nearly $1000. 

Panini Sticker Swaps

In reality, however, the point in collecting panini stickers is that you can trade them with friends. This means you would not be paying this much as you can get rid of repeats. You can swap to get new cards this way instead. Far better than forking out more money on lots of packs of cards. 

Panini tells us there are never two of the same sticker in one pack. But some stickers and cards might be worth more to a lot of collectors.

If it were your favorite player, or a player from the desired nationality, this would make it more valuable to a collector. This is something to keep in mind when trading stickers to fill your album.

How Many Panini Soccer Stickers Should I Buy?

When choosing how many Panini Soccer Stickers to buy, you should take into account the amount of space they’ll occupy in your album. Whether you want to fill the album or just certain pages. And what collection you are actually trying to fill.

For a collection of over 100 Panini Soccer Stickers, you could easily spend up to $100 on these stickers alone.

You can save money by purchasing smaller sets of stickers and by taking a more easy-going approach, one in which you are not bothered about filling the entire collection.

However, when you do this, you’ll need to ensure you buy a smaller album, and this means it isn’t always the official album.

You can also purchase additional Panini Soccer Stickers packs at any time. These packs contain extra stickers that you won’t necessarily need, but they can help you create more albums in the future as your collection grows.

How Do Panini Soccer Stickers Work?

Each Panini soccer sticker comes with its backing sheet. When you peel the backing sheet off and you put the sticker onto the album, it sticks securely to the page.

A Panini Soccer Sticker can be used as a standalone item, but we recommend sticking them inside an album. Why? Because they keep all your favorite football stickers in one place and can even make you money if you decide to sell your stickers as an album in the future.

They’re also useful because they allow you to create a cohesive collection of stickers. By keeping them together, you’ll be able to see exactly what stickers you’re missing to complete the collection.

Once you’ve bought your Panini Soccer Stickers, you need to stick them in their correct space within the album. Thankfully, every page and space is perfectly organized to guide you to the exact location every sticker should be placed.

Each player’s space will be labeled with their name, as will each team space, and all other spaces to do with trophies, logos, and mascots.

You should place your stickers in your album as and when you get them in order to keep them safe, as well as to give yourself more of an understanding of how far you have to go to complete the album.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how much it would cost to fill a Panini sticker album! The price to fill it will depend on how much space you want to dedicate to your Panini Sticker collection and whether you want to fill the album. 

We suggest starting with around 20-30 Panini Soccer Stickers and going from there. Try trading with friends to get rid of repeats and only invest in them if you are truly passionate! If you keep collecting, the price to fill the album can rack up quickly!

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