How Much Is A 1991 Dale Earnhardt Card Worth?

Dale Earnhardt Sr won fans and titles during his prolific career as a NASCAR racer. The beloved sportsman was a NASCAR legend even while competing, but his career came to a tragic end in a 2001 crash.

His legacy endured, however, and when the NASCAR Hall of Fame opened in 1991, he was among the first to be inducted.

Racking up an impressive 76 wins and 428 top ten finishes during his 676 NASCAR appearances, there was plenty for fans of Earnhardt to celebrate.

How Much Is A 1991 Dale Earnhardt Card Worth

And to honor his achievement, he was featured in many card collections depicting NASCAR’s, and sport as a whole.

With a career that stretched over four decades, and wins in three of those decades, Earnhardt racked up appearances in numerous card sets.

While this gives a lot for collectors to enjoy, it does mean that Earnhardt sports cards are typically not highly valued. Read on to find out how much Dale Earnhardt cards are worth.

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How Much Is A 1991 Dale Earnhardt Card Worth?

Dale Earnhardt Sr first began appearing in promotional cards in the early 80s, although these weren’t part of the major sports card sets. By the late 1980s, NASCAR had noticed the potential of licensed cards and started producing full sets.

Dale Earnhardt, as a popular figure, was a key part of this. A 1991 Dale Earnhardt card would likely have been widely distributed, and therefore not worth a great deal. 

The value of any collectible is determined by several factors, including rarity, condition, and demand. With so many Dale Earnhardt cards being produced, these factors make them relatively cheap compared to other sporting legends.

How Much Is A 1992 Dale Earnhardt Card Worth?

The 1992 Traks Autographs Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty A1 card is one of the more valuable Earnhardt cards. It’s the first autographed Dale Earnhardt card, and it depicts him alongside another NASCAR legend: Richard Petty.

Petty has also signed the card, making it even more valuable for racing enthusiasts. An authentic card could potentially sell for over $1000. 

What Dale Earnhardt Cards Are Worth Money?

There are some rarer examples of Dale Earnhardt Sr cards that can fetch high prices among NASCAR fans. These include limited edition releases, autographed cards, and early examples.

Perhaps the most valuable Dale Earnhardt card is the 1988 MAXX Charlotte Dale Earnhardt #99. It’s valuable because, technically, it doesn’t exist.

The card was printed and ready to be part of the collection, but was pulled when the manufacturer couldn’t reach an accord with Earnhardt.

Some did manage to make it to market, and others were later released with a gold sticker serial number in 1994. 100 were released as autographed buybacks in 1997. These cards can sell for a high price, but be aware of fakes.

Released a year later, the 1989 MAXX Charlotte Dale Earnhardt #3 is also popular, and is considered to be Earnhardt’s rookie card. Although not worth as much as the rare 1988 release, it has a nostalgic appeal. 

The 1983 UNO Racing Dale Earnhardt #27 card is another that’s popular with collectors, even if it isn’t quite a sports memorabilia card. The promotional card looks like an UNO card, but features an image of Earnhardt winning the Daytona qualifier.

Other cards to look out for include: the 1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Gold Dale Earnhardt #3 #/49, and the 1996 Zenith Dale Earnhardt Seven Wonders #/94. These rare cards feature clear images and are tough to find.

What Autographed Dale Earnhardt Sr Cards Are Worth Money?

The presence of the autograph and the typically limited release means an autograph card can be among the most valuable. For Dale Earnhardt Sr fans, the 1999 Press Pass Signings Dale Earnhardt #14 Autograph #/400 is considered the most valuable.

There are 400 numbered standard copies, and an additional 100 signed in gold ink. As well as the signature, these cards are popular thanks to the crisp image of Earnhardt in his racing suit.  

What Dale Earnhardt Sr Insert Cards Are Worth Money?

Insert cards add a small piece of fabric or material, making it more of a collectible than the standard card. There are several Dale Earnhardt Sr insert cards available, and they tend to be among the most valuable of the racing driver’s cards. 

The 1996 Press Pass Burning Rubber Dale Earnhardt #Br3 Race-Used Tire #/500 was part of a game changing set. Instead of just a standard card, these inserted a small section of tire actually used in the race.

The card doesn’t feature an image of Earnhardt, but it does show a picture of his ride in action.

Another valuable option is the 1996 Press Pass VIP Dale Earnhardt Firesuit. A two-card set, the image of Earnhardt is accompanied by a small section of his suit. One card features a 3/4 length shot of Earnhardt with a white section of suit.

The other is a head and shoulder shot with a black section of suit. Both cards are available in 4 color foils: Green (1:6,144), Blue (1:2,048), Gold (1:512), and Silver (1:384).

Are NASCAR Cards Worth Money?

NASCAR cards may be popular collectibles, but few of them sell for the big money that baseball and basketball cards can collect. However, there are some exceptions. 

Rare Dale Earnhardt Sr cards can sell for four figures, but they tend to need an autograph to be worth this amount. NASCAR collectibles are a fluctuating market, so you have to buy and sell at just the right times.

Don’t forget to consider the quality. Even a rare card with a low quality might not be worth very much. 

Final Thoughts

Dale Earnhardt Sr was a popular NASCAR driver, and is considered to be one of the sport’s greatest. Although some of his collectible cards have sold for good amounts of money, none from a 1991 release have collected much at auction.

If you’re hoping to find a valuable Dale Earnhardt Sr collector’s card, it’s best to look for those with autographs or inserts, as these tend to be rarer and sell for more.

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