How Much Is A Pete Rose Baseball Card Worth?

How much would you pay for a Pete Rose baseball card?

Pete Rose is a professional baseball player. He’s known as one of the most controversial players in all of Major League Baseball history. Rose has more hits than anyone in the league. It’s fair to say fans consider Rose to be an icon, and that even now, he is still labeled as a legend. 

how much is a pete rose baseball card worth
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Nowadays, a Pete Rose baseball card can be worth a lot of money. While Rose remains a controversial figure, his cards are still considered to be valuable, which has made tons of his loyal fans money. 

In this article, we discuss some major Pete Rose baseball cards, and assess their worth. 

Who Is Pete Rose, And Why Is He Controversial? 

The legend Pete Rose was born on February 14th, 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He’s known as one of the best baseball players of all time. While loyal fans won’t need an introduction to the life and success of Pete Rose, those new to the baseball card world might. 

Pete Rose remains incredibly controversial. In fact, Rose is now blacklisted from Major League Baseball, and is not part of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. 

This is all due to gambling that occurred when Rose was still playing and managing baseball. Due to breaking the rules, Rose is no longer permitted to play Major League Baseball, and many baseball fans do not like Rose. 

Some baseball fans choose to ignore Rose’s mistake, and state it should be overlooked, due to his vast success. Other baseball fans consider his actions to be unethical, and that Rose being blacklisted from Major League Baseball is just. 

The reality is, during Rose’s career, he accumulated 4,256 hits. By the end of his career, Rose had a .303/.375/. 409 slash line, and had a total of 160 home runs. He is considered a legend in baseball, and regardless of whether people like him or not, almost everyone agrees that Rose was talented. 

These days, Pete Rose is known for making appearances at autograph shows, and he even wrote an autobiography back in 2004. In that autobiography, Rose admitted for the first time, publically, his issue with gambling while playing baseball. 

Those who collected baseball cards during the mid 1960s to the mid 1980s, probably have a selection of Pete Rose baseball cards. Pete Rose was a very common baseball card back in the day, and most people had at least one Rose baseball card. 

Authentic vintage Pete Rose baseball cards can be worth a ton of money, and in the section below, we discuss some of the most profitable Rose baseball cards. 

Pete Rose Baseball Cards – How Much Are They Worth?  

1963 Pete Rose Topps Rookie Card #537

The 1963 Pete Rose Topss Rookie Card #537 is a very popular baseball card. 

The card features an image of Pete Rose, and also features Ken McMullen, Pedro Gonzalez, and Al Weis. Their faces are photoshopped onto red circles, the background is yellow, and there is a blue section at the bottom of the baseball card, which says ‘1963 Rookie Stars’.

The issue with this card is due to its popularity, there are tons of counterfeit cards on the market. These counterfeit cards can confuse even the most loyal of fans, so you really need to be certain that the card you buy is authentic. 

Depending on the quality of the card, the card can be worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Cards in mint condition can be worth six to eight thousands dollars, while a NM 7 can be worth around five hundred dollars. 

1964 Pete Rose Topps All-Star Rookie #125

The 1964 Pete Rose Topps All-Star Rookie #125 is another popular baseball card. 

The ’64 Rookie tends to be worth less money than the ’63 Rookie Card. However, a 1964 Pete Rose Topps All-Star Rookie #125 can be worth tons of money, if it’s in mint condition. 

So, this card features a profile shot of Pete Rose. In the photo, Rose is smiling. There’s an All-Star Rookie Cup badge on the card, too. It’s not as bold as the ’63 Rookie Card, but it’s still a very popular card with vintage collectors. 

1965 Pete Rose Topps #207

The 1965 Pete Rose Topps #207 is currently worth at least four thousand dollars, in mint condition. Even in NM 7, the card is worth five hundred dollars.  

This card features Rose in a posed shot. Rose has his bat ready, and it’s set in a stadium. The border is pretty simple, with just a basic blue border. Pete Rose’s name is listed at the bottom of the card, in black writing. It’s known as a very iconic card. 

1968 Pete Rose Topps #230 

The 1968 Pete Rose Topps #230 is a seriously iconic card. 

In 1968, Rose started the baseball season with a 22-game hitting streak. This was considered to be legendary. The card itself features Rose in a posed condition, with a baseball bat. It’s set in a stadium, and Rose’s name is written in black and red font. 

At mint condition, this card is worth around nine hundred dollars. NM-MT 8 is worth around two hundred dollars, so it’s not the most profitable of cards, unless the card is in mint condition. 

1969 Topps Pete Rose #424

The 1969 Topps Pete Rose #424 is devoted to The Sporting News.

In this card, it features a picture of Rose smiling, but the background is in black and white. The card itself features a yellow and green design, and is considered to be a fairly popular card. 

In mint condition, the 1969 Topps Pete Rose #424 cards are worth at least four thousand dollars. Like most cards, all other card conditions seriously decline in price. A Mint 9 card is worth around three hundred dollars, while a NM 7 is worth around sixty bucks. 


Pete Rose remains one of the most famous baseball players of all time. He’s most certainly one of the most controversial baseball players, but a Pete Rose baseball card is still worth a lot of money.

Cards in mint condition can be sold for thousands of dollars, and cards in M9 and M7 can still be worth a fair amount of money and make a profit for collectors.

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  1. Teresa L. Smith

    I know that Pete Rose has been blacklisted, but if you think how much time has changed the way that they punish people for a mistake is not always what matters. Mr. Rose has paid dearly for his mistake already, and are there not others modern day legends that have made serious mistakes, and only received a fine or a penalty.
    Honestly, to keep this legend out of the Baseball Hall of Fame is not only an insult to all of his true fans, but also harmful to the man himself who openly admitted what he did was wrong, and why can he not be forgiven like anyone else. I will always love Pete Rose, and I also recently attended a Cincinnati Reds game on my vacation. I played 1st base, because of Pete Rose. I love what he accomplished in his career, and if nothing else he can teach others to avoid his mistake. God forgives everyone, why not Pete?

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