Is Tristar Authentic?

When looking to purchase autographed merchandise, it can be difficult to decipher who to trust, there are always potential forgeries and fraudsters looking to take advantage of people who are unaware of what to look for to ensure authenticity.

Is Tristar Authentic

One of the most popular names in signed memorabilia is Tristar, but is Tristar legit? And how do they ensure authenticity? In this guide, we’ll explain whether you can trust Tristar, and what to look for when purchasing a Tristar product. 

So, Is Tristar Authentic? 

Tristar is one of the most reputable companies that distribute autographed sports cards and other memorabilia. Founded in 1987 by Jeffrey R. Rosenberg.

Tristar’s collectors shows involve current and former athletes autographing sports memorabilia, with the first show occurring in 1987.

In some ways, Tristar has helped pave the way for authentication and the prevention of forgeries thanks to their excellent authentication system, and licensed signings. 

Tristar Authentication System

So how does Tristar’s authentication system work? Tristar uses an incredibly simple method of authentication that helps to ensure that all of their products are verifiable easily. 

On every Tristar product is a small hologram sticker, each one containing a QR code as well as a 7-digit code, this code is enterable on the Tristar website, allowing you to search their database to see if the item is legitimate.

Another great aspect of this hologram is that it is completely tamperproof, this is achieved by utilizing an aluminium containing the holographic image placed between two adhesive layers, which are then covered in a transparent film. 

If there is any attempt to tamper with the hologram, including attempting removal, will lead to the hologram destroying itself, leaving behind a honeycomb type residue, which then makes it impossible to restore. 

The Authentication Process

The Tristar authentication process isn’t particularly complicated, but it helps to ensure that you can rest assured that each and every product from Tristar is authentically autographed. 

Step 1

At any event or signing authorized by Tristar, a Tristar representative is present during the signing of each item, allowing them to ensure that each item is done to a high standard.

Step 2

Once signed, the uniquely numbered Tristar hologram is affixed to the signed item, whether this is at a Tristar show or a private signing.

Step 3

All of the unique numbers distributed as well as the details surrounding the item they are on are all recorded and available on Tristar’s online verification system.

Step 4

With the hologram, you can go online to Tristar’s website and verify whether the signature is authentic or not at any time simply by entering the number located on the hologram.

What Memorabilia Can Be Tristar Approved?

Ultimately, all forms of sports memorabilia that you can think of can be Tristar approved! Items such as baseball bats, baseballs, batting helmets, football helmets, footballs, photographs and even jerseys can all be signed and approved by Tristar. 

Did you know that for a period of time, Tristar also held an exclusive license with Major League Baseball Properties to help produce Minor League Baseball cards, which granted Tristar the exclusive rights to the production of first year trading cards of both drafted and undrafted amateur baseball players that had been chosen from the Major League Baseball Draft!

These cards were produced from 2006, the year that Tristar signed the deal, for 3 years until 2009, and the series was named “Tristar Prospects Plus”.

Alongside this were also autographed trading cards, released between 2006, and 2008. In 2010, Tristar also released “Tristar Pursuit”, a series of trading cards that also featured autographed cards.  

2008 also saw Tristar acquire the exclusive license from TNA Wrestling (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) for the production and distribution of TNA based trading cards and other memorabilia, these cards, including some autographed cards, were produced and distributed between 2008 and 2010. 

Do Tristar Authenticate Products?

Unfortunately, Tristar will only provide their authentication service to items or memorabilia that have signed in their presence of one of their representatives at either a Tristar show, or during a private signing, which means that unlike some other authentication companies and organizations, you are unable to send your own signed items in for authentication.

Where To Buy Tristar Authenticated Memorabilia

Unless you go to one of Tristar’s events or pre-arrange a purchase with Tristar for an event, you’re unable to purchase Tristar authenticated memorabilia directly from them.

Instead, it is recommended that you browse through the secondary market, places such as eBay are filled with products that have been authenticated via Tristar, so as long as you utilize their authentication service and ensure that the seller has a good amount of excellent feedback, then you should have no trouble getting your hands on some authenticated memorabilia! 

Where Is The Next Tristar Signing Event?

Tristar has a calendar schedule section on their website that keeps you up to date with where they have events taking place throughout the year, as well as the athletes, both past and present, that are planning on attending, so if you want something you own signed, or you’re just looking to meet an idol, then you should check whether they’re coming near you anytime soon and whether your favorite athletes are going to be there.


In conclusion, Tristar is an incredibly reputable authentication company that has helped to aid collectors in providing opportunities for them to get authentically signed memorabilia, and also to help potential buyers on the second hand market rest assured that the memorabilia that they are buying is authentic.

So if you’re ever in doubt about whether you should purchase a Tristar authenticated and autographed piece of sporting memorabilia, then you can purchase with confidence knowing that Tristar is a highly commended brand for their effort in ensuring authenticity.

Nate Heath

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