How To Sell Topps Digital Cards

If you’re a dedicated fan of major league baseball, then no doubt you’re already familiar with Topps Bunt Digital Cards, Both NFT & Digital collectibles.

How To Sell Topps Digital Cards

Topps has been on the pillars of the trading card and collectible community since they first made their mark in 1951.

Throughout the years of trading, Topps has covered all four corners in aspects of different sports ranges to their collectibles.

Originally founded in New York City. Topps is known as a leading producer of American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, and other sports and non-sports themed trading cards.

Ensuring that there truly is a Topps card out there for anyone who shares an interest in sports.

With the digital revolution throughout the years after Topps’s first introduction to the trading and collectible scene.

Many new and innovative ideas spread throughout the world’s markets and marketplaces and it’s no surprise that many traditional companies were soon to adapt to this. 

Topps Online Marketplace

In 2012 Topps announced that a new and revolutionary concept was due to be brought to life. They changed the way with a whole new approach with a digitalized online marketplace. A marketplace that not only allowed you to play the Topps trading card game. But also source, buy & sell the same cards at the users wish.

This essentially brought all Topps baseball card fanatics all under the same umbrella. Thereby creating a market that was adopted very quickly.

With NFTs due to appear in the industry several years later, altering the whole art and collectible game with new, mysterious, and eye-catching tradeable, non fungible tokens.

NFTs created a worldwide buzz that was very hard to miss, and Topps wasn’t going to miss out on this. Topps then proceeded in 2021 to release a range of NFTs.

These may have looked like your average trading card just like the digital range. But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to an NFT. The baseball cards proceeded to be encrypted with a specific cryptocurrency. 

This tied the already popular trading cards to the new and even more popular idea! Not only did the art contain a specific cryptocurrency, But it was securely stored on the network’s blockchain, the Ethereum leading network.

But what to do when your optimal selling moment hits for that NFT and you find yourself stuck with the important question of where and how I sell my Topps cards OR NFTs?

Fear not because I have a very simple and detailed guide today that will help you decide on the best marketplace to sell both Digital and NFTs & How to make a compatible wallet to store the NFTs, and of course how the sale is executed.

What You Will Need

There are three simple things required to start off with, I’m about to walk you through three links and websites which are all needed in order to buy, sell & store your NFTs; please note that this section is for Topps NFTs only.

  • An Atomic Hub or NFTHive – account if you want to purchase singular or multiple NFTs

Finding, Choosing & Purchasing The NFT

Full edition card packs can be purchased from the official Topps website, but only on the official drop date. Topps initially announced the MLB Series 1 Topps NFT packs.

These packs were released back on April 20th, 2021, and sold out in 96 minutes.

Series 2 Topps NFT packs were released on October 4th, 2021 and sold out within minutes, attracting over 20,000 individuals to the marketplace.

Wax Cloud Wallet

The WAX Cloud Wallet. This is where we recommend to safely storing all of your Topps NFT baseball cards that you purchase or trade for.

Proceed to register and verify a wallet with WAX. It’s also good to know that you may buy with any accepted credit or debit card.

WAX Wallet is relatively simple to set up and start with and should only take several minutes.

Atomic Hub & NFTHive

These two marketplaces are also highly recommended and trusted amongst the NFT community. Like all NFTs, there are many different marketplaces to choose from to purchase Topps NFT baseball cards.

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 You can list your Topps NFT cards for sale or trade on each of these marketplaces.

For trades, you list your wallet address in the card’s description. Once completed, this allows Others to send you trade offers to your wallet address, leaving you the option of selling, keeping, or bartering with the other user.

How To Buy & Sell An NFT Via Atomic Hub.

Once on the website, register, then click Login in the top right. This is the best option for NFTs.

  • Click Market in the top bar
  • Over on the left-hand side, scroll down in Collections until you find MLB.Topps
  • Click on the MLB Topps option. This will bring you to the Topps NFT marketplace.
  • Browse or use the search settings to find the NFT of your choice.
  • Be sure to check the details of each card to see Rarity, photos, trade offer ID, and the cost of the NFT.
  • Once you have found an NFT, pay the required WAX amount, and you will then be able to add the card directly into your wallet collection.
  • The process is the same as listing a sale, choose to sell rather than buy.

How To Buy & Sell An NFT Via NFTHive.

  • Once in the Marketplace, scroll down to find a collection.
  • Search for the collections tab, Then proceed to search for MLB Topps.
  • Once in the Topps NFT marketplace, you can filter and search for specific cards using the search tool.
  • Be sure to check the details of each card to see Rarity, photos, trade offer ID, and the cost of the NFT.
  • Scrolling down will also show you the most recent Price History of that specific NFT and proceed to purchase.
  • The process is the same as listing a sale, choose to sell rather than buy.
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