Reggie Jackson Baseball Cards – Top Picks

Reggie Jackson is one of the best power hitters in MLB history. Hitting 563 home runs and driving in 1,702 RBIs in 21 big league seasons, most notably with the Oakland Athletics and New York Yankees.

Forever known as “Mr. October” for his clutch hitting during the playoffs. Jackson famously hit 3 home runs in game 6 of the 1977 World Series with the Yankees.

Reggie Jackson Baseball Cards Collage

His larger-than-life personality and huge ego made him the most polarizing, fascinating, and iconic player of the 1970s.

Because baseball cards were printed in such limited numbers up until the mid to late 70s. And because Jackson himself was such a legendary player, his cards are worth a lot of money.

Below are the top 5 Reggie Jackson cards that all collectors should look to target and some extra memorabilia items.

5. 1972 Topps “In Action” Reggie Jackson Baseball Card #436

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $3,000

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $600

1972 Topps In Action Reggie Jackson Baseball Card #436

The “In Action” series produced by Topps in 1972 was a group of cards issued with different in-game action photos of the players than the photos contained in the base Topps cards.

The card’s front employs a pretty nice design. With small white and yellow borders, along with a larger red-orange border/background inside of the other borders. The top of the red-orange border/background lists Jackson’s name as well as the phrase “In Action.”

The rear of the card does not contain any information about Jackson but rather lists a newspaper clipping talking about Hank Aaron hitting his 600th home run.

1972 Topps In Action Baseball Card #436 rear of card

It may not be as valuable as many other Topps Reggie Jackson cards but is a nice early specialty card of him to own. 

4. 1977 Topps Reggie Jackson Card #10

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $9,000

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $375

1977 Topps Reggie Jackson Card #10

The 1977 Topps #10 card is Jackson’s first with the Yankees, who he signed with as a free agent in November 1976.

The 1977 New York Yankees would become one of the most notorious in baseball history. Feuding between Jackson and manager Billy Martin and Thurman Munson, would lead to several controversies and confrontations. Amazingly, despite the inner turmoil, the 1977 Yankees would win 100 games and the 1977 World Series.

The front of the card pictures a close-up shot of Jackson’s shoulders and head. Showcasing his glasses, mustache, and mini afro that most fans remember him for. It has a white background and border, with Jackson’s name and team listed in the upper left, and position listed in the upper right in a blue banner.

1977 Topps Card #10 back of card

The card’s back is designed in a horizontal layout with a green and white/cardboard-color background, listing Jackson’s major league stats. The left side of the card displays a cartoon baseball player graphic with a fun fact about Phil Rizzuto. 

3. 1970 Topps Card #140

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $50,000

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $3,000

1970 Topps Card #140

Though not nearly on the level of his rookie card. Jackson’s #140 Topps 2nd year card is still a highly valuable card, and almost impossible to find in either PSA 9 or 10 condition.

Since 2020, only 3 PSA 9 versions have been sold, while no PSA 10 versions of this card have ever been sold, according to

The front of the card contains a gray border, displaying a picture of Jackson posing in a practice swing follow-through with a baseball stadium in the background.

Jackson’s name and position are listed at the bottom of the card on the gray border and “A’s” is displayed in the top right of the card in red block font.

1970 Topps Card #140 Rear of card

The back of the card has a white border with dark blue and yellow insert backgrounds containing Jackson’s stats and player information. The back, arrayed in a horizontal format, lists “TEN RBI” in large yellow block format, and notes that Jackson had 10 RBIs in one game on June 14, 1969. 

1970 Topps Card #140 Rear of card Canadian

There are Canadian versions of this card. These are only discernible from the rear where part of the text is written in French. These cards do not carry the typical O-Pee-Chee branding on the front.

2. 1971 Topps Card #20

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $150,000

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $10,000

1971 Topps Reggie Jackson Card #20

It might come as a surprise to some that Jackson’s 3rd-year card is far more valuable than his 2nd-year card.

However, it is important to note that the design of 1971 Topps baseball cards, with their black frontal border, was notoriously easy to damage. Making highly graded versions of this card even rarer than his 1969 rookie card. There are also very few good examples of well centered cards.

According to, no PSA 10 versions of this card have ever been sold. And only 1 PSA 9 version of this card has been sold in the last 5 years, selling for $37,200.

Although PSA 9 versions of this card probably have a valuation closer to $10,000, the rarity of finding a card in this condition does allow for higher prices.

In addition to its black border, the front of the card showcases a picture of Jackson kneeling on one leg on the infield grass holding two bats over his right shoulder. With his name, team, and position listed at the top.

1971 Topps Card #20 rear of card

The rear of the card displays a green and white/cardboard-color background. Along with Jackson’s stats and player information. The rear, arrayed in a horizontal layout, also displays a small, black-and-white insert picture of Jackson in the top left. 

1. 1969 Topps Reggie Jackson Rookie Card #260

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $1,000,000

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $80,000

1969 Topps Reggie Jackson Rookie Card #260

One of the most valuable baseball cards of the 1960s. The 1969 Topps #260 Reggie Jackson rookie card is extremely difficult to find in PSA 9 condition. And nearly impossible to find in PSA 10 condition.

The last time a verified PSA 10 version of the card sold at auction was in February 2021. Resulting in a final purchase price of $1,005,600 according to

The card itself contains a white border outlining a picture of Jackson from the chest upwards in his Athletics uniform amid a beautiful, sky-blue background.

The top right of the card contains a dark purple circle with Jackson’s name and position. While the bottom of the card displays “Athletics” in yellow block font.

1969 Topps Rookie Card #260 Back of Card

The rear of the card showcases the classic orange Topps background in a horizontal layout. Along with white inserts listing Jackson’s major and minor league stats and other player information.

The rear also lists a brief season summary of Jackson’s 1968 season and displays a humorous cartoon graphic of a couple of baseball players on the right side.

Extra Memorabilia

Reggie Jackson has a tremendous amount of memorabilia items featuring his likeness on Perfect additions for any collection.

Reggie Jackson signed photo. Thurman Munson and Chris Chambliss

A great photograph option is an autographed 8-inch by 10-inch picture of Reggie Jackson being congratulated by teammates Thurman Munson and Chris Chambliss. This was after hitting his 1st of 3 home runs in game 6 of the 1977 World Series, selling for $53.99.

Another autographed 8-inch by 10-inch photo shows Jackson hitting a home run in game 5 of the ALDS against the Milwaukee Brewers, retailing for $53.99 as well.

Reggie Jackson autographed 1978 baseball

An autographed National Baseball Hall of Fame baseball is available for $139.99. While another autographed baseball commemorating the 1978 World Series can be purchased for $118.99.

Signed Reggie Jackson Helmet

A souvenir replica Athletics batting helmet, signed by Jackson, retails for $197.99. And an autographed 1969 Sports Illustrated magazine with Jackson on the cover can be purchased for $589.99.

reggie jackson autographed jersey

Finally, an autographed and framed #44 Yankees jersey of Jackson can be purchased for $524.99. 

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