Is BCCG 10 Comparable To PSA 10 Grading?

For many of us who are just getting into collecting sports cards. Or even if we have been doing it for a while. When it comes to grading the go-to is more often than not PSA.

However when sending a card for grading or even when purchasing one. It’s always extremely important to know the terms that refer to it’s rarity and condition. And this includes BCCG.

2017 Topps Aaron Judge #15 BCCG 10

The grading requirements and process actually differ quite a bit between PSA and BCCG. So it can be handy to know how it matches up in terms of quality. And what value the card will be if it uses a different grading process entirely.

So with that being said here is all you need to know about what BCCG is and how well a BCCG 10 card translates to the PSA grading style.

What Is BCCG?

BCCG was first established to offer card owners a much cheaper alternative to PSA when it comes to getting cards graded.

It stands for Beckett Collector’s Club Grading. Initially it was not as popular or as reputable as PSA or BGS. Over the years it has grown to be very popular, especially for low to mid value cards. And can now be seen on a great many cards being sold on the market. 

Topps 1986 Cal Ripken #715 BCCG 9

Although BCCG stands for Beckett Collector’s Club Grading. It is a completely standalone grading operation from the more popular and highly regarded BGS.

Because it is a lot cheaper than PSA grading and BGS. BCCG is usually the standard option for sending cards to be graded in bulk. Or for cards worth a lot less in terms of money and rarity. PSA is the more reputable option for valuable cards due to being more strict with its gradings. 

Is The BCCG Grading Scale The Same As PSA?

The BCCG grading scale follows the same 1-10 system that PSA follows when referring to the quality, condition and authenticity of a card.

The difference is that the quality of grading used in BCCG is not as strict as PSA. So while you might get a BCCG 10. This does not mean it will be this grade with PSA or even BGS. 

It is also important to mention that the holder you obtain for the gradings is a lot less substantial then the PSA slab or BGS equivalent.

rear of a bccg slab

However this isn’t too surprising considering the BGS holders are known for being the thickest card grading option.

All of this does not mean that BCCG grading will not accurately grade a card. However it’s important to know how this matches up with other grading equivalents.

What Is A BCCG 10 In PSA Grading?

If a card is graded at BCCG 10, which is the highest it can be, it is described as ‘Mint’. While a BCCG 9 is only considered to be ‘near mint’. This is quite a bit different from PSA 10 which are often labelled as ‘Gem mint’ or even ‘pristine’.

The rule of thumb is that a BCCG 10 is equivalent to a PSA 9 or a BGS 9 in terms of grading scale. Though this can vary depending on the actual rarity of the card.

BCCG 9 is then more equivalent to a PSA 7 while a BCCG 8 compares to a PSA 5. So the lower you go the more difference there is between the two.

2017 Topps Aaron Judge #15 BCCG 10

This is not to say that BCCG grades are immediately bad and untrustworthy. In fact a BCCG 8 is still classed as ‘Excellent or better’. For many casual collectors and sellers this can be enough to prove the condition of the card.

There are however a few points to take into consideration when you see a card being sold with a BCCG grading on it.

What To Keep In Mind When Buying BCCG Cards

The main point to always keep in mind is to carefully read and consider what the seller is saying about the grading.

Many sellers can advertise a card as BCCG 10 ‘Gem mint’ and while this can be a simple mistake.

BCCG graded cards cannot be graded as gem mint and can only be near mint or actual mint. So always check with the buyer about the exact condition and rarity of the card. Especially if the wording seems a bit confusing.

BCCG does not need to be considered entirely for the gradings. Since it comes with a holder which will keep cards in good condition. The much cheaper option of BCCG can be the way to go if you just want to preserve and protect a lower value card.

BCCG 10 to PSA 10

Finally, some buyers can display a BCCG 10 card as being the equivalent of a PSA 10 in order to attract attention to the card.

However it is advised to stay clear of this idea since while a BCCG 10 will be classed as ‘Mint’. This is only equivalent to PSA 9 at best. The can be miles apart from the much rarer and better condition cards at PSA 10 condition. So they will almost never match up.

BCCG 10 to PSA 10 Conclusion

Whenever you are picking up a new card and see the BCCG 10 rating on it. Always keep in mind that this will almost never mean that it classifies as a PSA 10 equivalent.

It will still prove that it is in great condition. Don’t be too put off as it is still a good standard for most collectors of lower and mid value cards. 

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