What Are Replica Jerseys?

When it comes to collecting the merchandise from your favorite team, one of the first items most people tend to look for is a jersey from that team.

However, acquiring one of these jerseys can be a lot more difficult than initially thought, as there are a lot of fake jerseys on the market, and some of the terminology surrounding the purchase of a jersey can be rather confusing.

What Are Replica Jerseys

Within this guide, we’ll cover some of the different types of jerseys available to you and how to decide which one is best for your needs!

So if you’re looking for the right jersey to represent your team, read on!

Football Jerseys

Typically, football jerseys are available in three different quality levels, meaning that it’s possible for anyone to support their team.


This form of jersey is the highest quality option available to fans of football.

These jerseys are the same ones worn by the players on the pitch and are distinguishable by their higher quality fabrics, which tend to contain the latest technology, as well as twill numbering and lettering throughout the shirt.

In addition to this, the sizes tend to use a numbered system, which is a representation of the more professionally tailored jerseys. These jerseys are perfect for the mega fan and tend to be seen as the ultimate option.


These jerseys are best suited to fans, and whilst similar to the on-field jerseys, there are often some distances between them in order to make them more accessible to the average fan.

So whilst these jerseys will still provide a quality tailored fit, but will likely use mid-level fabrics in order to keep costs down.

Upon an initial glance, it’s often hard to discern between on-field and authentic jerseys, as they still feature twill details, but the sizing follows the traditional sizing chart you’d find on normal clothing. 


Replica jerseys tend to be the easiest to spot, and will use screen printed lettering instead of twill, and whilst they are therefore of a lower quality, these jerseys tend to be much more lightweight if you struggle with the weight of the other jerseys.

Similar to the authentic jerseys, the replica jerseys feature the same sizing system too. Overall these replica jerseys are a great entry-level option for fans.

Basketball Jerseys

Basketball jerseys also come in a range of different quality tiers, so we’ve made it easy and explained them all for you!


These jerseys are the highest quality of jerseys available to fans, often featuring the ultra breathable, top tier fabrics that provide the best fit and comfort when wearing.

On these jerseys, the lettering and details all tend to be stitched as opposed to being screen printed.

Additionally, the fit of these jerseys tends to be more tailored and contoured and uses a number sizing system like many other pro-rated jerseys. 


Want the fashion of an authentic jersey without having to pay the top tier price? Then swingman jerseys are the best option for you.

Featuring the same twill stitched lettering and detailing, these jerseys are still a great quality option, and use a more traditional clothing sizing as opposed to the authentic jerseys.

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These jerseys aren’t quite as durable or as high quality but are still a great option for fans to wear come game day.

Again, these jerseys are distinguishable from the other two levels of jerseys due to their screen printed numbering and detailing instead of the twill stitching.

So whilst they might not be of the same quality as the authentic jerseys, these are still a great option!

Baseball Jerseys

Baseball jerseys only tend to have two different levels of jersey to pick from, which is something to be mindful of when deciding which option to pick. 


This type of jersey gives you the same sort of quality as your favorite player will get on the pitch, and will fit perfectly in your personal closet or even the team clubhouse!

These jerseys will use the latest breathable material and will feature twill stitched detailing, so you can rest assured that your jersey will last a long time thanks to its high quality.

In addition to this, these jerseys will feature a numbered sizing system, so you know that it’s a high quality product. 


These jerseys are designed for the fans and provide a much more affordable option than authentic jerseys.

These jerseys will use a slightly lower quality fabric and will feature ironed-on lettering and details instead of stitching, which makes these jerseys much lighter.

However, this difference in quality is something to be mindful of, as the jersey will be flimsier as a result. 

Soccer Jerseys

Soccer jerseys are similar to baseball jerseys, as they only tend to consist of two different options to purchase from!


Since these are the jerseys designed for on-field use, these jerseys tend to fit much more streamlined for an athletic fit.

In contrast to the other jerseys, authentic soccer jerseys will actually feature screen printed logos and detailing in order to reduce the weight of the jersey overall.

Furthermore, the fabric will utilize the most lightweight fabric available in order to ensure that it can deal with the performance demands of players. 


Replica soccer kits will typically feature embroidered logos and detailing, and although the quality of these jerseys will still be of a high quality, there is still a notable step down from the authentic jerseys.

Irrespective of this, these jerseys make a great option for fans who don’t want the fit of the authentic jersey!


In summary, replica jerseys tend to be cheaper options for fans to represent their teams colors, just remember that this doesn’t mean that they’re fake, just more affordable! 

Did you know that players jerseys can also be put into sports cards. Learn about relic cards in our other article.

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