What Is A Cello Pack?

If you’re interested in collecting or figuring out the value of sports cards, you’ll need to know about all of the different sports card formats out there. 

One type of sports card pack you may not be familiar with is the cello pack.

What is a Cello Pack

If you’ve never heard of a cello pack before, you’re in the right place because we’re going to be covering all the basics, from what a cello pack is to where it gets its name and how many cards are in a pack. 

To find out more about cello packs, keep reading now! 

What Is A Cello Pack? 

A cello pack is a pack of sports cards that differs from your standard wax pack in the sense that it contains more cards. What really makes cello packs different from other sports card packs, however, is the packaging.

Cello packs are wrapped in cellophane-like plastic wrapping which is transparent and allows you to see the top card in the pack. 

Some cello packs are collectible items. You can find out whether a cello pack is collectible by looking at the front of the plastic wrap. If the pack is collectible, you will see a star on the front of the pack.

This means that the pack will have a higher premium than those that don’t feature a star on the packaging and will retail for more.  

Why Are Cello Packs Called Cello Packs? 

If you’re wondering why cello packs are called cello packs in the first place, that’s a very good question! The reason behind the name is that each pack is wrapped in cellophane.

The word ‘cellophane’ has been shortened to ‘cello’. So, when you see or say the words ‘cello pack’, remember not to pronounce ‘cello’ like the musical instrument, but rather, like the beginning of ‘cellophane’. 

How Many Cards Per Cello Pack? 

We mentioned earlier that one of the ways in which cello packs deviate from regular wax packs is the number of cards in a pack. So, how many cards are in each cello pack? 

The number of cards in a cello pack can change year by year, but as of 2020, the Panini Prizm Football cello pack contained a total of 15 cards.

What Do Cello Packs Retail For? 

On average, a cello pack retails for $20. The price, however, will be higher if the pack is collectible. A pack that has a star on the front will retail for more than $20.

The price can go up to $59 or even, in some cases, to $89. It all depends on whether the pack is collectible or vintage and whether it’s been opened in any way.

Cello Pack Dimensions/Weight 

If you’ve never seen or handled a cello pack before, it might be difficult to conceptualize what a pack looks and feels like. 

For context, your average cello pack measures the same as a regular sports card from the front (6.22 x 4.09 inches), but because there are 15 cards per pack, the package will also measure 2.2 inches in terms of depth. 

When it comes to weight, you can expect a cello pack to weigh just over 2 oz approximately. 

What Is A Cello Box?

A cello box is not the same as a cello pack. Cello boxes are boxes that contain multiple cello packs.

The number of packs within each cello box can range from 12 to 24, meaning that (depending on the exact number of cards in each pack), you could receive anywhere between 180 and 360 cards in total. 

What is a Cello Pack (1)

If you happen to own a cello box that is still sealed (hasn’t been opened at all), you can sell it on the secondary market for a premium.

As a rule, cello packs or boxes that are unopened will retail for more, especially if they are identifiable as collectible items (if they have a star on the cellophane).

What Is A Cello Fat Pack?

Don’t get a regular cello pack confused with a cello fat pack! Cello fat packs contain several packs of cards, and each pack contains more cards than your standard cello pack.

For example, the 2021 Panini Donruss cello fat pack box features 12 packs of cards, and each pack contains 30 cards, making 360 cards in total. 

Additionally, every pack of cards inside the cello fat pack box contains a vector insert as well as three holo red parallels. There’s also a chance you might get autograph or memorabilia cards in these packs. 

What Is A Vintage Cello Pack?

A vintage cello pack is a cello pack where both the top and the bottom card are clearly visible through the cellophane wrapping.

Vintage card packs may also feature the star on the front of the packaging that indicates a higher premium. 

Unlike vintage wax packs, vintage cello packs don’t contain any gum-stained cards. 

Where Can I Buy Cello Packs?

If you want to expand your collection of sports cards by buying some cello packs, you can do so through popular online retailers such as amazon.

If you’re looking for a specific cello pack, it’s better to go to a retailer that specializes in sports cards.

People will often sell their cello packs or cello boxes on sites such as eBay, so if you’re looking for a good deal on cello packs, this is a great option. 

Final Thoughts 

Thank you for learning about cello packs with us today. You now know that cello packs are packs of sports cards wrapped in cellophane and containing 15 cards each. 

You can also get cello boxes or cello fat packs, which contain several cello packs.

While the average cello pack retails for about $20, the price can get much higher depending on whether the pack has a star on the front (in which case, it’s collectible) and whether you can see the bottom card as well as the top (vintage).

Unopened cello boxes also retail for considerably more than opened packages. 

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