What Shops Sell Sports Cards?

When it comes to having hobbies, collecting sports cards is up there with some of the most engaging hobbies in the world.

There are so many different cards to collect and there have even been video game adaptations like FIFA Ultimate Team and Madden Ultimate Team.

Whether you’re collecting cards for the fun of it, or whether you’re trying to make a bit of money, it’s always best to know where to start. We have a list of places where you can buy these cards and what to look out for.

What Types Of Trading Cards Are There?

When it comes to collecting sports cards, the list is endless for the different types there are. If you can think of a sport, then it’s likely that there are some sort of vintage cards or current trading cards to match.

Some of the most popular sports in the world are big enough and popular enough to fill up entire sports card collections. 

One of the most popular sports in the world for trading and collecting is soccer. There are so many different leagues and competitions in the world that soccer cards are frequently seen worldwide.

For example, the MLS in America is a great way to start and then move on to other collections like the Premier League and the Champions League.

Alternatively, baseball cards are a classic that has been sought after for decades. Because of their potential worth and their reputation, vintage baseball cards are among some of the most popular sports cards in the world. They are particularly popular when signed or framed.

More modern cards such as football cards can be found in any old card shop and auction houses all over the country.

With regards to prices and availability, the cards will have a wide range depending on the seller and the supply and demand. On top of these sports, there are also basketball, ice hockey, and even non-sporting trading cards. But that’s another conversation entirely.

Buying Specific Cards

There is no worse feeling when collecting these cards when you’re missing a specific sports player or collectible, meaning that you have unfinished business.

Because of this and the potential of profit to be made, you can find a lot of specific sports cards online. However, this can be risky at times and can leave a lot of people open to scams.

For example, if you’re buying a particular set of hockey cards and need one last player to complete your collection, then searching online looking for cards for sale can often lead you to sports card dealers.

With a range of options from vintage cards to packs of cards in modern collections, these can often lead to misinformation and false advertising. It’s always best to do your research first, before getting blinded by searching for these rarer cards.

Basketball cards are another frequent search that comes up over the internet and will often lead people to search for single cards and boxes of sports cards.

Websites like eBay, Amazon, and dedicated sportscard sellers will often have loose cards and thousands of dollars worth of packs to fit consumer demand.

What Physical Stores Sell Sports Cards?

Alternatively to this, there are shops up and down the country that will be suitable for any potential buyer looking to expand their collection.

The current market for trading cards is huge and will have the availability to match. When looking for current cards, megastores like Walmart and Target are great places to start your search. Because of the sheer size of these shops, you’re likely to find something that fits your needs.

Nowadays, any shop owner knows that they can make hundreds of dollars in a day if they have the right consumer market. But as previously mentioned, the trading card industry isn’t just limited to modern cards, there are plenty of vintage sports cards to be collected.

A lot of these cards tend to be worth a lot more money when the card depicts a sporting icon like Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, or Lebron James.

These dedicated card shops can be anything from stores with games and comics, to being fully specific collectible card stores.

When buying cards, specific cards that you may be seeking can be a lot rarer, and therefore a lot more expensive to buy. However, a lot of these cards are no longer in production because card collections usually turn over at the end of every season to keep up to date with transfers.

Dedicated Trading Card Stores

There are hundreds of thousands of trading cards made every single year, if not more. So when it comes to searching for these collectibles, you can find that dedicated stores will give you a better chance at finding what you want.

On top of this, shopping online may put a lot of people off because of the shipping costs and other additional costs that may come with the purchase.

These additional costs can be anything from lack of availability and even the fact that a lot of these cards no longer find themselves in current packs around the world.

Finding cards in mint condition can be hard, but a lot of vintage collectibles like baseball cards will be kept in the best condition possible for potential resales and trading.

Often, when a card becomes damaged it can lose value, which will make people want to keep them in a better condition.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re more interested in collecting these cards as a hobby or you want to keep an eye on the selling price of your valuable collection. Baseball cards and football cards can be found in most big stores and dedicated sporting shops because of their popularity.

Supply and demand mean that card types such as baseball cards will often crop up even when our grocery shopping or looking for something completely different. When buying online, remember to have an abundance of caution because not all may be what they seem.

Additional costs such as shipping and online fees may apply, which also puts a lot of people off from purchasing online. Sometimes sticking to physical stores can be the way to go.


Bruno Breen