Can You Sell Topps Digital Cards?

Trading cards have been popular for decades and some of the oldest and rarest cards have greatly increased in value.

Can You Sell Topps Digital Cards

Although physical cards still exist, some trading card companies such as Topps have taken advantage of new developments in technology to introduce new types of trading cards, such as digital trading cards.

Although digital trading cards can be easily traded, can they also be sold? In this article, we will look at whether this is possible and if so, how.

What Are Topps Digital Cards?

Topps is a company that specializes in trading cards and holds licenses for a wide range of sports and entertainment properties.

They produce cards in partnership with Major League Baseball, Formula 1, Star Wars, and various soccer leagues from around the world.

Topps produces physical cards for these licenses that can be collected and traded in the same manner that trading cards have been used for decades.

Topps also produces digital trading cards. These are cards that are not physical and are digital-only and are collected in a series of smartphone apps.

Topps has a number of these apps for different licenses and these currently include:

  • Topps Bunt
  • Topps NHL Skate
  • Topps Kick 
  • Star Wars Card Trader
  • Marvel Collect
  • Disney Collect

As well as regular cards, apps allow for different types of cards such as motion cards. These apps allow users to collect and trade cards digitally with users from all over the world.

How To Collect Digital Cards

Like physical trading cards, you open blind packs of cards to try and complete collections or find rare cards. There are several ways you can collect cards.

Free Cards

The apps will award you with free cards each day. All you have to do is login and collect these. There are also cards given exclusively as prizes in games or as rewards for completing sets.

Free Currency

Cards are purchased using in-game currency. The game will award you with small amounts of this currency for completing tasks such as logging in each day and also has various games where you can win more.

It’s entirely possible to get a large collection of cards without spending any real money. You can choose how to spend this currency in the store.

In-App Purchases

The apps also offer in-app purchases so that you can purchase premium currency for use on premium packs. With these, the odds are reduced, giving you a better chance at getting those rare cards.

Can You Sell Topps Digital Cards?

You may even be guaranteed some rare cards in premium packs, although the exact design of the cards will still be random.

As well as using real money to buy premium currency, the app will also sometimes allow you to simply buy the cards you need.


The main advantage that digital cards have over traditional physical cards is how much easier they are to trade.

With physical cards, it is far harder to find someone to trade with unless you have friends who collect or are in collecting groups.

The digital apps allow you to trade with anyone anywhere in the world as users can post information on the cards they need for everyone to see.

The trades feed can quickly connect you with hundreds of other users. As long as your trade is fair and both sides get the cards they want, trades are usually accepted without any issues.

Can You Sell Topps Digital Cards?

You can trade cards with other users within the app, but what about selling them? Let’s see if this is possible and if so, how.

In-App Sales

Currently, there is no functionality within the app to sell digital cards to other users and it is highly unlikely that Topps will ever add this function.

Topps wants you to spend money in their store by chasing rare cards so being able to purchase specific cards from other users is not something they are likely to ever encourage.

However, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to sell your cards as there are a few places where this is possible.


The most popular place for selling Topps Digital Cards is eBay. Much like physical cards, many people list digital cards on eBay for people to buy and it is possible to find some bargains there.

As you can see exactly what card you are buying, it can sometimes be cheaper to purchase a specific card from eBay instead of opening countless packs in the app to find it.

Once you’ve purchased a card from eBay, you can initiate a trade within the app with the seller for the card in question.

Usually, they will send you the card you’ve purchased in exchange for one of the most common base cards.

Buying on eBay isn’t without its dangers, however. As the actual exchange of cards happens in the app, when you buy the card you are trusting that the seller has the card and will give you what you have purchased.

Thankfully, buyers are well-protected on eBay in these circumstances as eBay will typically side with the buyer in the case of any dispute.

If the transaction doesn’t complete as expected, getting a refund is usually easy for buyers.

Private Groups

There are also many private groups where Topps Digital Cards are traded and sold. Many of these are on social media networks such as Facebook or messaging platforms like Discord.

These communities can be difficult to find but generally have a core of users that are experienced sellers and can be trusted to be honest.

As with eBay sales, the actual transfer of the bought card will happen in the app once it has been paid for.

Final Thoughts

Although it is not possible to sell cards within the Topps Digital apps, there are methods for selling cards that exist online.

Most cards are sold through eBay or private groups and you should always be wary when buying digital goods online. 

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