How Much Is A Michael Jordan Baseball Card Worth?

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It’s fair to say that any memorabilia to do with Michael Jordan is going to be worth quite a lot of money. This can be seen in the sales of Michael Jordan basketball cards. Unbelievably, some Michael Jordan basketball cards have sold for upwards of $600,000, with one even selling for over $900,000.

How Much Is A Michael Jordan Baseball Card Worth
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With so much value held in these basketball cards, it’s sometimes quite easy to forget that there are also Michael Jordan baseball cards with a high value. Though Jordan’s baseball career didn’t take off as he’d planned, he left fans with great memories and different types of baseball cards that many hunted for. 

Because of his one-of-a-kind legacy, most cards have risen dramatically in value, especially when in mint condition. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these cards or are simply a keen collector, this post will be great for you.

In this post, we give you the rundown of the most collected Michael Jordan baseball cards.

The Most Expensive Michael Jordan Baseball Cards

Unfortunately, unlike his basketball cards, Michael Jordan baseball cards aren’t actually worth that much. Having said that, there is a possibility that one of the cards you hold could be worth up to $1,000. To give you a good idea of how much Michael Jordan cards are worth, we will look at some of the most expensive cards on the market.

1990 SCD Pocket Price Guide #51

Estimated Value: PSA 10 = $190 

1990 SCD Pocket Price Guide #51

In 1990, the SCD Pocket Price Guide baseball card collection was released. The collection consisted of 60 awesome cards, featuring famous faces such as Darryl Strawberry and Tony Gwynn. Another one of those famous faces was Michael Jordan.

The front of this baseball card interestingly lists Michael as a Chicago Bulls player. The backside of the card references the batting practice Michael Jordan did with the White Sox in 1989. 

1990 SCD Pocket Price Guide #51 back of card

Amazingly, Michael Jordan’s Fleer rookie card in 1986 was worth more than this one. Even then, it was worth nearly $300.

1995 Upper Deck Electric Diamond Card #200

Estimated Value: Electric Gold PSA 10 = $230

1995 Michael Jordan Upper Deck Electric Diamond Card #200

Michael Jordan’s Upper Deck Electric Diamond card was a big hit as it features two of Chicago’s most iconic sportspeople. On this card, Michael Jordan stands alongside famous sports broadcaster Harry Caray.

There are actually three styles of this card. We have the base, electric diamond, and electric diamond gold. All three cards are nice but if you can get a PSA grade 10 Electric Gold Card, you will find yourself with a card worth a nice $300.

1995 Upper Deck Electric Diamond Card #200 back of card

1995 Gold Collector’s Choice Special Edition #238

Estimated Value: Gold Card PSA 10 = $650

In this special edition set, Michael Jordan’s card was number 238 of just 265 cards. While there were three different styles of this Micheal Jordan card, the gold edition was the one worth the most money. 


Each gold card has a golden border and a neat ‘Special Edition’ stamp.

1994 Upper Deck Minor League Card #MJ23

Estimated Value: PSA 10 = $700

1994 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Minor League Card #MJ23

The next card on our list was originally released in 1994. Part of a 270 card set, Michael Jordan featured alongside Minor League’s best up-and-coming prospects. The image on this beautifully designed baseball card shows Jordan hitting the ball. It oddly, but quite coolly also features a smaller picture of the same image in the left corner of the card.

Only 15,000 copies of this gold card were made so if you have one and manage to get it graded to a PSA 10, you’re onto a potential winner.

1995 SP Top Prospects Autographs #14

Estimated Value: PSA 10 = $1000+

1995 SP Top Prospects Autographs #14 michael Jordan

There is a lot of debate around the following card because some believe it is the first Michael Jordan baseball card featuring his autograph. Others argue that the 1994 Collector’s Choice basketball card featured his first autograph and the fact he was in a baseball uniform in the image should make it count. 

Either way, this is an excellent card and also the most expensive when in mint condition. Cards were never numbered, but it is believed that only 23 copies of this truly iconic card were ever produced. In terms of Michael Jordan baseball cards, this one is the most desirable.

1994 Upper Deck Card #19

Estimated Card Value : PSA 10 = $700

1994 Upper Deck Card #19

Though not the most expensive MJ baseball card on the market, the 1994 Upper Deck Michael Jordan card is probably the most popular and most recognized baseball card. Card number #19 is an image of Michael Jordan chasing down a high ball while wearing the White Sox uniform. 

Despite there being hundreds of copies of this available on the market, there are only a few of them have a PSA grade of 10.

1994 Special Print Holoview FX

Estimated Value (Blue and Red Card): $600

1994 Special Print Holoview FX Michael Jordan Baseball Card

Michael Jordan wasn’t in the 1994 Special Print set but thankfully, he made it into the Holoview set. Holoview insert cards were randomly placed in packs. Each card came in blue color or a much rarer red version. 

Strangely, despite the red card being a lot rarer, both cards are now worth the same in a PSA 10.

1994 Special Print Holoview FX rear of card

In Conclusion

So, there you have it, the cards we have taken a look at are some of the most expensive Michael Jordan cards on the market. While they are worth a lot less than Michael Jordan’s basketball cards, there is still some great money to make if you are an invested collector. 

The fact some of the cheapest cards to buy are still worth $200 goes to show how much value is still in these cards. The most expensive Michael Jordan baseball card is currently his 1995 Top Prospects card. However, with the trading card market still growing at an astonishing rate, we wouldn’t be surprised if most of the cards from this list were all $1,000 or more at some point in the future. 

Who knows the Top Prospects card might be worth $10,000 one day, not $1,000. 

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