Kirk Gibson Sports Trading Cards

If you want to learn a little bit about Kirk Gibson and his sports trading cards then you are in the right place.

We will give you some interesting history and facts that should help to lead you down the path of adding this MLB legend into your card collection.

Kirk Gibson Trading Cards

Who Is Kirk Gibson?

Kirk Harold Gibson (nicknamed Gibby) was born 05-28-57 in Pontiac, Michigan.

He attended Kettering High School, followed by Michigan State University where he was an All-American Wide Receiver in Football. Much like the legendary Deion Sanders, Kirk Gibson excelled in sport and had a number of directions open to him for his future sporting career.

It was suggested to Gibson by his football coach, that he try his hand at Baseball. This set him on the path of MLB greatness and put him on the road to a long and illustrious career.

Gibson was renowned for being ultra-competitive and took his game very seriously. Despite a series of injuries he struggled through the pain and had some standout moments in his career. None more legendary than his incredible home run in the ’88 World Series. 

Who did Kirk Gibson Play for?

Gibson played his first professional game on 09-08-79 and his last game on 08-10-95. With a professional career spanning an impressive 16 years he certainly wasn’t a flash in the pan player.

During his career Kirk Gibson initially played for the Detroit Tigers where he impressed so much he was lauded as the new Mickey Mantle by his coach at the time.

In 1988 Gibson signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Gibson became something of a mentor and role model to a number of players in the team. He is credited with helping to turn the team into a far more professional outfit than they were before he joined.

In 1991 Gibson signed with the Kansas City Royals before moving a year later to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

After a brief retirement and an offer to play football again (which he turned down), Gibson re-joined the Detroit Tigers. This was between 1993 and 1995 where he played out the final 3 years of his playing career.

Kirk Gibson Sports card

Kirk Gibson Stats

Gibson was a big player at 6’3” and a top weight of 225 lbs. He batted and threw left handed.

During his career he played an impressive 1635 games over a 17 season period with 255 home runs and a batting average of .268 (1553 for 5798). He had 985 runs with 255 home runs. 260 doubles, 54 triples 718 bases on balls and 284 stolen bases.

Why is Kirk Gibson’s Home Run so Famous?

The date was October 15, 1988. The location was the Dodger’s Stadium in Los Angeles. This was Game 1 of the World Series 1988.

At the time of this now infamous play, Gibson was struggling with injuries to both legs. Despite this injury setback, Gibson went to bat with an incredible display of courage and skill.

In what is now considered to be one of the greatest home runs ever, Gibson hit a two run, walk off home run against Dennis Eckersley. Eckersley was the pitcher for Oakland Athletics. Gibson’s home run won the Dodgers the game by a score of 5-4.

Kirk Gibson’s Net Worth

Gibson is estimated to be worth around $15 million. Earnt through a combination of income from his playing years. Also as the coach with the Detroit Tigers and his time as coach and manager for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He also enjoyed 5 years as a television analyst.

What is Kirk Gibson’s Health Issue?

In 2015 Kirk Gibson was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

Through the work of his foundation, Gibson raises significant funds to find a cure for the disease. His foundation also promotes awareness of the disease and stresses how an early diagnosis can mean that an individual suffering from Parkinson’s can have many years of almost symptom free living if treatment is sought early enough.

A link to his foundation and the incredible work they do is here.

Kirk Gibson Trading Cards

According to Trading Card Database there are some 1391 Kirk Gibson Cards out there to collect.

With that many cards to choose from you are literally spoilt for choice.

Prices vary drastically and range from as little as a few cents for a poor condition card all the way up to over $200 for a rare grade 9. Right at the top of the list you could expect to pay a few thousand bucks for an ultra-rare grade 10 mint. You can see more here at PSA Card

Kirk Gibson Sports card

Where to buy Kirk Gibson Trading Cards

For most buyers, sites like eBay are probably the best for picking up Kirk Gibson cards. 

Mid to good grade cards are pretty available with plenty being listed for sale every week. Demand remains strong, but you will still be able to grab yourself a great deal.

Alternatively, you can check out card fairs and your local trading card stores. Most of them should have a variety of Kirk Gibson cards in stock, many of these will be graded. 

The price is likely to be a fair bit higher than an online purchase. But you will at least get the chance to inspect the card before you part with your hard earned dollars.

Kirk Gibson Cards


Kirk Gibson had a fantastic career and is widely regarded for his courage and competitiveness. Followed by a relatively short but successful period as coach and manager he had a brief spell as a TV analyst. 

More recently he has been leading the charge in the battle with Parkinson’s disease through the amazing work of his Foundation.

Kirk Gibson trading cards are definitely worth thinking about as an addition to your collection. There’s little doubt that Gibson’s trading cards are getting scarcer, especially grade 9 and 10. So, if your budget will stretch, these could well be a good long term play if you are looking for a healthy return on your money.

As always, if you are going to spend more than you should be, make sure your other half doesn’t find out!!

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