What Is A Sidney Crosby Rookie Card Worth?

Whatever game it is, sports is one of the world’s favorite hobbies. From racing to hockey, there are billions of sports fans around the globe.

However, some don’t just watch it – they collect it. Lots of fans like to become even more involved in their favorite sports by buying and trading memorabilia. Sports cards are just one of those kinds of collectible!

What Is A Sidney Crosby Rookie Card Worth?

There are thousands of different types of sports cards, featuring thousands of different sporting stars.

Each card usually has a picture of them, along with information and statistics on the back. Some cards become more sought after than others, becoming rarer and more expensive than others.

Rookie cards are a specific type of sports card and are particularly rare. But how much is a rookie card of ice hockey player Sidney Crosby going to be worth?

We’ve got the information for you! There is a variety of rookie cards that feature Sidney Crosby, and they can cost lots of different prices.

If you’re an ice hockey fan and you want to get your hands on some rookie cards of one of its main stars, you’ll get a good idea of how much they’re likely to cost you!

What Is Ice Hockey?

Firstly, let’s get the sport out of the way! Ice hockey is a high adrenaline game played on – you guessed it – ice, where two teams skate around hitting a hockey puck with their sticks.

Besides having to focus on keeping their balance on the cold and hard ground, their main aim is to shoot the puck (a rubber disc) into the opposing team’s goal – a bit like soccer, only with skates. 

Though it’s been played in some sense or another for hundreds of years, the modern version of ice hockey that you’re likely to watch was popularized in Canada.

Their first indoor game was played 147 years ago, in 1875, and the sport is still going strong.

Very much a winter sport, the game is enjoyed by millions of fans. As a result, it’s very popular – popular enough to have many sports cards devoted to it and its stars. 

Who Is Sidney Crosby?

Sidney Crosby is a Canadian professional ice hockey player, who has been playing since 2005.

He plays center position, right in the action, rather than skating up and down the sidelines. He plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins team – which he is also the captain of. 

When it came to the World Cup of Hockey competition in 2016, he was captain for Canada’s team. Impressively, he led them to the gold medal, which is fitting since Canada invented ice hockey as it is.

He has won many awards himself, such as the NHL All-Star Game Most Valuable Player title in 2019, and the Players’ Player Awards three times.

Clearly, he’s a very important figure in the game! Which is why he is the focus of many different sports cars, including some rookie cards. But what are those?

What Is A Rookie Card?

A rookie card is a type of sports trading card that is the first to feature a certain sports star after they have participated in the highest level of competition that exists for their sport.

These can be some of the most expensive cards because they represent a major moment in that athlete’s playing career. Many will include the letters “RC”, telling you that it’s a Rookie Card.

What Is A Sidney Crosby Rookie Card Worth?

Now that we know all about Crosby and rookie cards, how much is one probably going to cost you? There are a total of 19 different types of Crosby rookie cards in existence.

They can range in price, but we’re going to go into a variety below.

2005-06 McDonald’s Upper Deck Sidney Crosby RC #51 – $100+

This is likely to be one of the cheaper Sidney Crosby rookie cards you can get, but even then it’s still going to cost you a fair bit.

These tend to always go for over a hundred dollars, but just how much over is debatable. It could be as little as $106.99, or go up to $150 – or more. 

It’s a stylish card, with a shiny and glossy silver background surrounding a picture of Crosby.

On the back is a paragraph about his career at the time, which is included in English as well as French – which they often speak in Canada. 

2005-06 Upper Deck Power Play Sidney Crosby RC #133 – $80+

This card from the Power Play line also ranges in price. Some sellers have it going for around $85 online, whereas others are offering it for prices like $224.99 or $624.44.

That’s a big difference! And we’re not even getting into the shipping costs that you have to pay on top of that. 

It’s a prestigious looking card, with lots of gold in its design, matching bits of Crosby’s hockey outfit.

On the back, there are some statistics about his height and weight, as well as a paragraph about him. 

2005-06 Parkhurst Sidney Crosby RC #657 – $149+

This Sidney Crosby edition of Parkhurst brand can usually set you back about $149.99 if you’re lucky – more if you’re not as lucky! Some are sold at the slightly higher price of $199.99, while others are priced at around $287.

It really can vary, but it’s always going to cost you over a hundred dollars. The front of the card has a picture of Crosby in mid-action, while the back has some information about him.

2005-06 SPx Sidney Crosby RC #191 Auto Jersey /499 – $4200+

Jumping to the more expensive side of things, this card ranges in price too. Some are listed for about $4249, while others rise to $6500 or so.

And then things get a little wilder! I’ve seen some listed at over $28K and $65K. Staggeringly, a pristine card was listed as $480K.

This particular card, with its sleek gold design, is going to be out of the price range of some collectors.

The card was limited to 499 copies, and has a signature from Crosby on it, adding to its value. 

2005 Sidney Crosby Upper Deck The Cup Patch Auto RC #180 /99 – $125K Example

This is widely regarded as the big one when it comes to Sidney Crosby cards.

Though some previous cards have tried to charge more at times, this one is extremely rare, limited to just 99 copies.

As a result, it’s difficult to find it selling ever – and whenever it does, it’s always going to cost a high price. One final bid went for $125K for one of the 99 copies. 

One of the reasons for its high-demand is that each one has Crosby’s real autograph, as well as a piece of black patch. These are parts made from actual patches from a sports team jersey. 

Final Thoughts

Rookie cards are already rare and expensive when it comes to this division of sports cards.

Sidney Crosby rookie cards are no different, with some costing tens of thousands of dollars.

This guide has given you a good idea of the kinds of prices you may be paying, as well as the different types of rookie cards.

If you’re a collector who is a big fan of ice hockey and Crosby, and you have the funds as well, you yourself can be a part of memorabilia history!

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