Are Sports Cards Going Up In Value?

Are sports cards going up in price? If you collect baseball or football cards, then you probably already know that they can go up in value over time. But did you know that some of them even increase in value faster than others?

Are Sports Cards Going Up In Value

Collectors often spend hours searching through boxes of old cards looking for rare ones. Some of these cards are worth thousands of dollars.

And now, thanks to the popularity of trading card games like Pokémon Go, collectors are finding new ways to get their hands on valuable cards.

As the demand for sports cards increases, prices are expected to rise. The key to collecting high-value cards is knowing where to look.

Check out this article on buying and selling sports cards as we analyze and tell you whether sports cards go up in value or not.

What Are Sports Cards?

Sports cards are a type of collectible item used by people who play sports. They’re also known as “sports memorabilia” because they usually commemorate an athlete’s performance.

The most common types of sports cards include:

• Autographs – These are cards with an autograph from an athlete.
Rookie Cards – These are cards given to players when they make their first appearance in the major leagues.

How Do I Get My Hands On A Rare Sports Card?

If you want to find a rare sports card, you need to start your search early. You should be able to find some of the best cards at flea markets, garage sales, or thrift stores. It may take a bit of luck, but it will pay off.

You can also buy online auction sites. Many times, sellers will list their cards there. You just have to keep checking back until you see something interesting.

You can also check eBay auctions. There are many different categories for sports cards, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find what you’re looking for.

Do Sports Cards Increase In Value Over Time?

Yes! As long as someone wants to buy them, they will always be worth more money. That being said, some sports cards do increase in value faster than other ones. Here are some examples:

Rookies Rookie cards are relatively easy to obtain. Most teams give them out to fans before every home game. So if you attend enough games, you should be able to find plenty of rookies.
Hall Of Famers – Hall of Fame members are generally regarded as the greatest athletes ever. When they retire, their numbers are retired forever. That means they’ll never wear any other number again and these cards increase in value massively.
Draft Picks – Teams use draft picks to select the players who will represent their team for years to come. Because of that, they tend to produce cards that become very valuable.
Traded Players – Trading players is a popular way to acquire expensive cards. Sometimes, teams trade away all of their stars to get rid of them and replace them with rarer finds. Other times, they simply trade away a few minor players in exchange for a big name. Either way, traded players are usually a good way to make money on your cards or find a rare one that will eventually increase in value.
Exhibitions – Some players only appear in certain exhibition games. Those games are often played in front of large crowds. That makes their cards extremely valuable.

Typically, the cards that go up in value the most are the rookie cards. They are given out by teams to fans when players make their first appearance with the team.

These cards are usually the cheapest to purchase. But because they are so cheap, they don’t typically stay around very long and this is why they can be a rare find, increasing their value as the years go on.

How Do I Know Whether A Card Is Worth It Or Not?

There’s no surefire way to know whether, or not, a card is worth buying. But there are two ways you can figure it out. First, can check eBay to see what people are willing to pay for specific cards.

Secondly, you could ask the sports card collecting community, such as our forums. We have found experts online who can help you determine which cards are worth purchasing and which ones aren’t.

What Are Some Of The Best Types Of Sports Cards To Collect?

As far as football cards go, those are among the most common. Football cards feature both current and former NFL players. And because the players are well-known, they have highly sought after.

Baseball cards are another great option. Unlike football cards, baseball cards feature players from different leagues.

For example, you might see a player from the American League on one card while the same player appears on a card from the National League. This allows collectors to compare two different versions of the same player.

Boxing cards are some of the rarest sports cards available. They were made before the professional era began and featured boxers from the early 1900s.

Boxing cards may also feature cards from various eras including amateur, middleweight, heavyweight, light heavyweight, welterweight, bantamweight, featherweight, and more.

Since they are so rare, they tend to go up in value, but since boxing is not as popular as it once was, there is a current pause on cards and you might be best holding on to these for a few years before selling.

Hockey cards are one of the most popular sports cards. Hockey cards come in three varieties: Regular, Playoff, and Goalie. Each variety has its unique characteristics.

Final Thoughts

We hope we’ve been able to give you some insight into how to start your collection of sports cards.

If you’re looking for any other advice on value, please feel free to post a question in online forums. This is the best way to work out the exact value of your specific card!

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