Mike Piazza Baseball Cards – Top Picks

Because of his successful career in 2 of MLB’s biggest markets, New York and Los Angeles. Mike Piazza baseball cards carry significant interest for collectors.

Piazza was one of the greatest offensive catchers in MLB history. Playing 16 seasons for several different teams, most notably the Dodgers and Mets.

Mike Piazza Baseball Card Collage

He was a 12-time MLB All-Star, a 10-time Silver Slugger award winner, and finished in the top 5 of MVP voting 4 times.

Below are our Mike Piazza baseball card top picks that collectors should add to their list, and a few extra memorabilia items. 

4. 1992 Mike Piazza Topps Bowman Rookie Card #461

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $215

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $45

1992 Mike Piazza Topps Bowman Rookie Card #461

One of the premier cards of the 1992 Topps Bowman set. The #461 Mike Piazza rookie card employs a simple, straightforward design.

The front displays a white border outlining a photo of Piazza in full catcher gear. Piazza’s name is listed at the bottom of the card below the photo on a red-orange border above and separate from the white border. While the Bowman logo is listed on the top left.

1992 Topps Bowman Rookie Card #461 rear of card

The rear of the card lists both his 1991 minor league stats and total minor league stats for his career. It also has another small picture of him in the top right holding a bat and wearing a Dodgers team cap. 

3. 1992 Fleer Update Rookie Card #U-92

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $350

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $92.50

1992 Fleer Update Rookie Card #U-92

With over 100 sales on record in 2022 alone according to sportscardspro.com. The #U-92 Fleer Update rookie card is one of Mike Piazza’s most frequently sold cards.

Its large online presence and availability have not diminished its overall value, which remains impressively high for a 1990s baseball card. The card itself employs a white and aqua border on its front with a picture of Piazza running the basepaths during a game.

It is important to note that the picture is not centered. The card’s border on the right side is about 5 times as large as the border on the other sides of the card. The enlarged border lists Piazza’s name, position, and the Dodgers team logo, while “Fleer ’92” is listed on the bottom left.

1992 Fleer Update Rookie Card #U-92 rear of card

The rear features another photo of Piazza in the aftermath of a swing at the top. Along with his minor league stats and a brief player summary. 

2. 1992 Donruss Rookie Phenoms Rookie Card #BC-9

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $500

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $75

1992 Donruss Rookie Phenoms Rookie Card #BC-9

The 1992 Donruss Rookie Phenoms #BC-9 rookie card is a rare, insert card that has only 5 confirmed sales in a graded condition in 2022 according to sportscardspro.com.

The card contains a pretty cool design. With a mostly black border/background on the front, with the word “Phenoms” listed in silvery/metallic ink centered at the top.

The card’s photo on the front features a close-up shot of Piazza running the bases from the knees upward. With his name, team, and position listed at the bottom.

1992 Donruss Rookie Phenoms Rookie Card #BC-9 rear of card

The card’s rear lists his minor stats from 1989 to 1991. And also a very brief career retrospective of his time in the minors. 

1. 1993 Mike Piazza Topps Finest Refractor Card #199

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $3,000 

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $850

1993 Mike Piazza Topps Finest Refractor Card #199

Containing an incredibly small production run for a 1990s baseball card with a population of roughly 250. The 1993 Topps Finest #199 refractor card is one of the most valuable Mike Piazza cards in the market today.

The card employs a colorful, shiny rainbow background. With a picture of Piazza in an at-bat.

“Baseball’s Finest” is listed at the top of the card, while Piazza’s name and the Topps logo are listed at the bottom.

1993 Mike Piazza Topps Finest Refractor baseball Card #199 rear of card

The back of the card is arrayed in a horizontal layout with another picture of Piazza. With a shiny, metallic border covering the left side. His player information and major league stats from 1992 are listed on the right side. 

Extra Memorabilia 

Sportsmemorabilia.com contains plenty of great memorabilia items featuring Piazza, suitable for all kinds of collectors.

Signed Louisville Slugger bat by Mike Piazza

Probably the best overall item is a Louisville Slugger bat commemorating the all-time home run leaders for catchers, signed by Piazza, Johnny Bench, and Carlton Fisk, selling for $999.99.

Another great item, retailing for $1,299.99, is an autographed and framed Mitchell and Ness Authentic Piazza Mets jersey, along with a picture collage of Piazza.

Mets framed signed Mike Piazza Jersey

Finally, an option probably only for high-end collectors, is an autographed, game-used Mizuno bat, available for $7,335.99. 

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